What’s New in the Latest Google I/O Conference 2019?

This year google is holding its new I/O conference 2019 solely focused for developers to showcase them with speed metrics with innovative strategies to assist them to make alternations and to updates their apps. Albeit it is expected that this event also depicts Google’s latest technologies or products for potential customers, primarily focusing on latest hardware and application software. Moreover, if you are eagerly waiting to watch Google I/O Conference 2019 to perceive what Google has been working for years to experience utmost visuals and performance metrics.

Google I/O is the most popular conference named as Google’s annual developer conference where it most oftenly introduces new software and hardware updates. Significantly, if you are seemingly waiting to watch Google I/O conference 2019 in order to perceive about Google’s offerings which are aimed to be released in 2019. Likewise, the opening keynote was addressed by Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai which was attended by reputed entrepreneurs, developers and other Google’s executives. Mostly, reputed IT service providers including web development companies such as Webby Giants is working to provide quality responsive web design services via considering latest web trends solely focused on google I/O conference details and offerings.

When and Where Google I/O 2019 was held: Latest Products and Features?

Google’s I/O 2019 was held once again at Mountain View, Calif at Shoreline Amphitheater. The event was hosted for google users and I/O attendees from May 7 to May 9. The opening speech or keynote was held on Tuesday, May 7 in which several sessions and presentations were delivered throughout the event. Typically, Google live streams the opening keynote on YouTube and the official Google I/O website allowing you to bookmark the official website or watch the live YouTube stream.

Have a look at Android Q

Google released its first Android Q beta solely focused on pixel users in the month of March which followed up with its second beta version released in the month of April in 2019. According to Google’s release schedule, it is expected that another beta version is likely to be announced in the month of may or earlier.

It is expected that Android Q will consists of utmost features available in Android Q, along with such features that aren’t officially announced yet will also be depicted at initial steps within the beta program.

Prior in 2018, Google released its first Android Pie public beta version, whereas at certain stages providing accessibility to its official system and software support partners to work together in the beta version working process.

With the release of the Android Q beta program limited with a sole focus to pixel phones during the initiation phase and furthermore, expanding the beta version with more devices won’t amaze you at the first sight of visualization.

Capture Your Gaming Desires With Google Stadia

Stadia is a gaming service provided by Google that focuses on live video streaming of game play on your smartphone, laptop, computer or television officially captured the consumer market earlier in March, 2019 with the motto to reveal more details in the future.

Significantly, Google promoted stadia in I/O conference, so this means that Google is revamping collective information and details to deliver cutting edge experience via bringing high-end games to more smart devices within a short span of time.

Improved Hardware Resources 

Google has unveiled two mid range phones pertaining to pixel series, the Pixel 3A and Pixel 3A XL along with Nest Hub Max and relevant Google Assistant Hubs. Currently, Google has launched new product at Google I/O Conference on May, 7 keeping alongside with the recently unveiled Google Pixel 3A.

Future Updates & Enhancements

Meanwhile, it is expected that in near future updates are likely to be considered pertaining to latest trends in various dimensions of smart technologies including Artificial Intelligence, IoT, 3D Aesthetic Designs and Web Development Services and Product. Keeping these technical and business insights in consideration it is expected that Google Assistant, Chrome and Chrome OS will likely get continuous updates and enhancements within specific time frame.

Thus, Google organized it’s official Google I/O Conference to proclaim latest Google Assistant features in the near future such as new initiatives like Google Duplex featuring the recently launched restaurant reservation feature for the users of Google Assistant.

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