How To Use Instagram For Business Promotion In 2019?

How to use Instagram for online business in 2019

How to use Instagram for online business in 2019

It is proven that Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms and every business segment should always consider using the social media platform. As it figures from gathering data insights to sell their products and services, Instagram keeps rolling out tools to help business owners should succeed on the photo-sharing social media platforms.

However, it isn’t any case to achieve success on Instagram via keeping an accurate marketing strategy to promote their business to the next level with the enhancement of brand identity and increases to sales promotion. Most of the professionals working in every top web development company use social media platforms, particularly Instagram for social sharing of photos and relevant stuff. Hence, we have highlighted the techniques how to use Instagram for the marketing of your business in 2019.

Create A Business-Enabled Account On Instagram

Create an account on Instagram

Create a business-enabled account on Instagram

If you are already having an Instagram account with proper branding of the content, but if you want to easily convert it into an Instagram-enabled business account then you would have to go through some series of steps. As this will provide you access to all the business features but it makes a continuous transition for your existing users or followers.

Furthermore, you can also devise a new Instagram business account. This seems to be an accurate instance if you do not have your existing personal account, or if your personal accounts don’t meet the initial requirements to actually represent your brand identity.

Implement Professionally Designed Images 

Add professionally designed images

Implement professionally designed images

As we know that Instagram is a photo-sharing social media platform, so it is quite essential to share efficient content. However, generic photos don’t seem to be tedious, you should always capture photos, edit and modify them, and take them to make sure that you are creating a consistent grid on the Instagram based social network platform.

Moreover, if you want to add a new image, then you should tap on the camera button at the bottom of the screen. You can capture a new image or select one from your camera on the next screen, there are multiple choices to make your post engaging. Further, you can add a filter, tag multiple users, devise eye-catching caption and implement location details. You can also restrict comments on this page with the advanced settings and configurations pertaining to certain conditions. Mostly, responsive images are important for software companies dealing with responsive website design services to meet the business requirements of their target clients and to empower their ROI.

Live Streaming Videos

Live streaming videos

Live streaming videos

With the addition to Instagram based stories, users can capture and live stream video that particularly disappears with some sort of like a cross-platform between Facebook Live and Snapchat. Likewise, you can provide customers a live look behind the scenes of enhancing aspects of your brand, display products or answers instant questions on the comments section.

As the video is completed, it will possibly live stream in your Instagram Stories for 24/7. If you want a video to remain on your Instagram feeds, you can upload video you’ve taken or live stream videos directly via the app or post. If you choose to shoot or upload video, you can still implement filters and can also replace your cover.

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Promote Advertisements On Instagram

Promote ads on Instagram

Promote advertisements on Instagram

With other social channels with businesses have the choice to advertise on Instagram. There exist three formats for advertisements campaigns:

  • Image Advertisements: These ads look like ordinary social media photo sharing posts, but there also exists a sponsored label above the image. These images also contain learn more button in the button right side under the image.
  • Video Advertisements: Similar to the photo apps, these look like specific video posts along with a sponsored label on the top right corner.
  • Carousel Advertisements: These advertisements look identical to photo ads but it also features multiple photos that users can swipe nevertheless.

However, all three advertisements formats similarly appear in users home feedbacks. These ads primarily support three objectives including video views, click-throughs to your websites, physical awareness, mobile apps installation, and configurations prospects.

Add Stories On Instagram

Add Stories on Instagram

Add Stories on Instagram

You can primarily use Instagram stories is one of the channels most prevalent landscapes. However, these photos and videos disappear 24/7 after they have posted on social media posts, most of the Instagram offers most tools that make it easy to create user engaging and creative sections.

The Instagram stories, you can post recorded videos, live videos, important texts, music, and compelling images. You can still implement Instagram posts in their news feeds pertaining to the latest updates contributed to the algorithm. Using Instagram stories, you can post video recordings.

Moreover, the stickers for polls, questions, and slide bars make it quite intuitive to interact with your users and it gets enhanced feedback. It must be kept into consideration that some Instagram accounts merely use the questionnaire feature to retain a weekly Ask Me Anything, which is quite a funny way to respond to common queries.

Furthermore, another way to catch the attention to your brand identity is Stories Highlights, which merely reside on your profile to promote your profile, brand and company’s identity until you yourself delete these user stories.

Create Captions & Implement Hashtags

Create Captions and Implement Hashtags

Create Captions and Implement Hashtags

It is advisable that you must create concise captions and implement appropriate hashtags. Hashtags are often used in a casual way, but they are also how millions of photos are found, and in turn, your content can be found in an appropriate manner.

The most usual hashtags range in the thousands or millions of times used, so if you are primarily targeting a specific niche, you will consider using a more particular hashtag.  Likewise, you should keep the hashtags to a reasonable amount, usually, followers don’t want to get spammed with dozens of the hashtags with a particular post on the social media accounts.


Certainly, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms used by professionals and common people, with roughly 1 billion live monthly users, Instagram has precisely long passed being categorized as a niche-specific social media network. It is one of the most popular, widely emerging social media platforms enabled with business accounts that can be used to provide remarkable resources including eCommerce development services and vice versa. if you haven’t used it yet, then set up your Instagram based business account and facilitate yourself from its business resources.

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