Top Web Design Blogs to Follow in 2019

Creativity and Innovation draws several forms of inspirational & motivational approaches that lasts forever. Keeping this concept in mind, one can devise new strategies to come up with new innovations in the society. Most Popularly, Advertising the products in market in a new way would certainly requires a marketing strategy isn’t it? Similarly, the development approaches which are used to create new technologies also requires some strategies

Keeping the current trends in the marketplace, we figured out some of the most trending applications areas in 2019, the top most category was referred to Web Design and Development. It’s seemingly true that the trends of web design & development are rapidly changing with new trends, innovations and creative ideas that comprises in the said field. Moreover, it is necessary for web designers and developers to gather sufficient knowledge about modern technologies and trends pertaining to their skillset and working domain.

Hence, in this blog post we have discussed about the most trending and recommend blogs related to web design and development that will surely provide you a newer and improved insight of the new web design services initiated in 2019.

1. WPKube

The most frequently updated blog based on WordPress is WPKube. In this post you’ll find latest news, tutorials and detailed reviews on WordPress based themes, web hosting tools and plugins etc. WPKube comprises of useful tips and tricks on how to use WordPress? How to figure out perfect web hosting provider? How to maintain privacy on WordPress? And many more. If you are a beginner to WordPress, this blog is the perfect place to gather enough information about WordPress. It also includes exclusive features such as deals and coupons for professional web designers, developers and blogging experts.

2. Smashing Magazine

The most influential blog for website designers and developers is Smashing Magazine. This blog offers several articles on programming, software development, web design and development, graphics design, UI/UX designs and CMS platforms like WordPress.

3. Codrops

Codrops is one of the most popular blogs related to web design and development that comprises of articles, web tutorials and blog posts about the latest trends in web design and development and their working procedure to proceed ahead. The professionals and users of Codrops instantly update and share working demos and snippets of source codes for freshers and advanced web designers and developers with latest techniques and tools related to web design and development.

4. Designrfix

Another most trending blog in 2019 is Designrfix. If you’re a professional or a passionate about technical blogging or you’re in dilemma in between the both. However, the full-fledged blogging community of creative website developers is their top priority and targeted audience. This blog not only contains information, but rather puts all the human efforts on trending topics and pertains you, as to how your design can be different from others.

5. CSS Author

CSS Author is a technical blog related to the domain of web design and development. This blog is quite interesting and user friendly comprising various articles, tutorials, blog posts on CSS graphical elements with respect to new web trends and strategies used to provide awareness about web design and development.

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