Top 10 SMM Tools That Helps To Promote Startup in 2020

 Top 10 SMM Tools That Helps To Promote Startup in 2020

It is a prevalent fact that social media plays a vital role to promote your startup business or online brand platforms. You can drive thousands of visitors to your website by effectively leveraging social media tools. The use of social media is rapidly increasing that comprises of latest platforms with specific attention on the best practices of social media marketing. For Instance, the research estimates show that over 2.7 billion people around the world are using Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

The latest reports have investigated that over 70% of professionals in the US are primarily involved in the usage of at least one of the social media platforms. It is also reported that 71% of shop keepers held positive experience on social media platforms, most of the social media experts are seemingly looking ahead to boost their brand identity to other positive recommendations. When social media campaigns accurately performed, social media marketing can bring remarkable success to your brand identity. Furthermore, you can devise a variety of valuable content on the social media platform to attract your target audiences and to drive user-engagement patterns and techniques. For this reason, the rate of new jobs related to online marketing in digital agencies increased so rapidly in last 10 years such as Social Media Marketing Experts, Search Engine Optimization Experts and more. Hence, it might be a difficult task to manage all of your social media accounts and marketing campaigns in a manual or concise form. Thus, in this article, we have highlighted and discussed in-depth about the top 10 reasons on how to use SMM tools assists you to promote your startup business in 2020.


1. Buffer

Buffer is a popular resource-scheduling tool that permits digital marketers to schedule posts on multiple social media platforms and vice versa. By using buffer, you can either familiarize post to each platform or publish the same posts on multiple platforms.

Likewise, you can easily integrate Buffer chrome extension to add on any content you find on the website to the Buffer queue. This seems like a creative and fun associated aspect to the whole process of content development and sharing of your posts on social media platforms, because for once you do not have any plans to share anything in advance. However, your social media posts will not be shareable at the best possible time duration. You can also track multiple links to see which content is most conducive and popular with compelling readers.

Key Reasons to choose Buffer

  • It saves a considerable amount of time by allowing you to schedule your content or posts on social networking websites consisting on Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter.
  • You can also review your social media posts, and you can understand changes required that can help your post to better performance metrics.
  • You can easily manage 25 members from your team to work together.
  • You can perform hands-on experience with 14 days of the trial period, later you can avail pro, premium and business version, the pro version nearly costs $15 per month, the premium version nearly costs $65 per month and business version $99 version nearly costs $99 per month.


2. HashtagsForLikes

HashtagsForLikes is a social media-marketing tool that helps you to analyze hashtags for your Instagram posts. As users share their latest Instagram posts consisting of video marketing and other content for user engagement to boost their online presence. In this way, social media tools and resources are helpful to achieve your destined goal. You will not have to use similar old hashtags any longer. This tool assists you to influence relevant and trending hashtags to empower your traffic reach on social media platforms. Primarily, you can use them to influence your targeted audiences and grow your brand identity. The price estimate of this tool is $15 per week for premium and advanced version. However, the free version is readily available in the market.

Key Reasons to choose HashtagsForLikes

  • HashtagsForLikes uses such algorithm that gives you the best hashtags for your brand identity, which can easily help you to get the maximum experience and to reach your target audiences to the next level on the social media platform.
  • Mostly, you can easily target your competitors via hashtags targeting aspects. This tool will help you to attract your target audience niche-based followers who are most likely to be interested in your brand via products or services.
  • You can also use this tool to primarily analyze any Instagram based account, acquire leading business insights and improves your accountability and privacy.
  • You can easily upgrade to the weekly and monthly package they can easily provide you advanced features at cost-effective price rates of $15 for a weekly package and $38 for a monthly package.

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3. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is probably one of the well-renowned social media marketing tools in the marketplace but it is often misinterpreted or understood tool as well. Most of the companies have multiple social media tools and accounts and it seems difficult to manage them in a manual order. Hootsuite allows you to manage all your social media accounts from a specific dashboard. By using this tool to search, schedule and manage all your social media content in an accurate and precise way.

Key Reasons to choose Hootsuite

  • You can easily maintain a strong social media presence via scheduling hundreds of posts in a specific target audience.
  • It can assist you to organize all your content with easiness and it saves your content in your cloud-based platforms. Further, it also ensures that the approved content is seen live at the scheduled date and time zones.
  • You can choose from multiple packages comprising of professional package priced at $19, it consumes 10 social profiles, unlimited scheduling intended for 1 user. The team package is priced at $99 which especially focuses on 20 social profiles, unlimited scheduling for 3 users. The business package is priced at $599 which comprises of 35 social profiles, unlimited scheduling from 5 users up to 10 users. Furthermore, enterprise version provides custom solutions, for price rate you will have to contact Hootsuite customer support services.


4. Lithium

Lithium is an essential social media-marketing tool that assists brand communication with customer efficiency. Primarily, apart from assisting you to automate your posts across various social media platforms and it also assist you to monitor conversation rate about your brand identity. This platform is primarily useful as you can easily join these conversations and engages your potential customers and clients effectively.

Key Reasons to choose Hootsuite

  • Lithium primarily helps you to manage your marketing campaigns, content management aspects, and potential responses from a specific region.
  • Online Communities on Lithium can help you to get engaged with your client’s better incentives and provides the information that they might be looking for what they want to promote their marketing campaigns.
  • It primarily assists each brand to manage their social media engagements across their social media channels, websites, online communities, and mobile-based apps.


5. Social Metrics Pro

Social Metrics Pro is a popular social media analytics tool and resource that allows you to manage your social media accounts from one place to monitor all your news feeds as well in reply to specific comments and social media posts. It primarily features an implemented-on WhatsApp dashboard to help you monitor social activity across Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp. You can easily search, sort and filter your posts to find the most user engaging resources in an effective way. It primarily provides many useful color-based visualizations elements that assist you to easily figure out the top-most posts and well-defined social media newsfeeds and the best part is that you can do all this platform without relinquishing a WordPress Environment.

Key Reasons to choose Social Metrics Pro

  • Social metrics pro tool allows you to choose how many posts you want to witness at a specific time zone.
  • By using social metrics, you can easily track how your content is shareable on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites.
  • You can find multiple posts have been shared across on multiple social networking platforms.
  • You can easily avail both features of the tool namely social metrics pro-single-site and social metrics pro-unlimited. Hence, the price rate of social metrics pro-single-site nearly cost around $27 only for one time, and social metrics pro unlimited is priced at $67 once a time.
  • If for any reason you are not satisfied with our products, you can contact the company within the first 60 days of your purchase, they will promptly refund the full price you had paid.


6. Everypost

Everypost is a social media marketing tool that allows publishers to post multimedia content around various platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Medium, and LinkedIn, etc. This app enables us to automate the use of social media platforms, which in contrast will distribute content more widely in a well-defined manner to reach a broader scope of the horizon. This tool dominates your online business by providing conducive and well-acquainted ways to manage your business. This tool was released in the month of August 2019 at an event held at Miami, Florida.

Key Reasons to Choose Everypost

  • Everypost comprises of post customization feature, which helps you to accelerate the effectiveness of every post shared on social media platforms.
  • You can easily collaborate with your team members from anywhere across the globe.
  • Further, you can update your workflow parameters and it will save time via scheduling your social media posts.
  • There exists a 14-day trial period, later you can also purchase a premium edition that consists of several resources and extensive feature.


7. Agorapulse

Agorapulse is a social media marketing tool that helps businesses and digital marketers to manage their social media accounts and to devise their online presence. It simply assists you to build a meaningful platform and proactive relationships with your followers. In addition, Agorapulse is a user-friendly and easily implementable platform that offers flexible solutions such as improved customer support.

Key Reasons to choose Agorapulse

  • In Agorapulse, you can personalize your content for your social networking sites.
  • It assists you to schedule your social media posts in advance methods.
  • It can also reschedule your social media posts from one perspective to another.
  • Later, you can also monitor and respond to all your social media conversation in a specific timeframe.
  • You can choose among multiple packages comprising of the medium, large, extra-large and enterprise plans. Significantly, medium $99 on monthly basis or $79 per month, and the large version priced at $199 per month or $179 per month, along with X-Large with $299 month or $269 per month and enterprise version with $499 per month or $459 per month.


8. Sprinklr

Sprinklr is the most competitive social media management system for enterprise resource planning. It assists the world’s largest brands related to digital marketing aspects, online advertising, sales and support focused on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and various 21 popular channels in a single platform.

If you want to make use of this platform in an enterprise mode then you can easily plug it into customer management systems.  In this way, you can easily allow your employees to cooperate in real-time environment and manage your business more effectively.

Key Reasons to choose Sprinklr

  • Sprinklr Insights are used to monitor your competition are tracking audience-based engagements, marketing trends and measure sentiments.
  • Sprinklr collects information from multiple channels that helps you to measure effectiveness of your content.
  • You can also respond to the conversation rate that is roaming around your brand across various social media platforms and aspects.
  • Sprinklr provides customized pricing plans, according to the recent estimates the price rates range in between $60,000 to $100,000 per year, mainly depending on the number of social media accounts incorporated into user platform.


9. MeetEdger

MeetEdger is a social media marketing tool that automates content resharing and optimization aspects to measure traffic. It is primarily designed to assist brands whilst performing the tasks assigned by the content manager without permitting it to hire another individual itself. It is primarily ideal for multinational companies that devise compelling content which helps them to promote their brand. MeetEdger permits access to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It from any mobile device; in this way, you can easily schedule your content resharing tasks and watch traffic insights and user engagement strength via optimizing your website to generate an enormous amount of ROI to maintain your digital trends.

Key Reasons to choose MeetEdger

  • MeetEdger can easily organize and schedule all your posts via multiple categories.
  • MeetEdger instantly goes through your scheduled posts and content schedule from each category and start reutilizing the older updates.
  • You can easily save your time via implementing the content to MeetEdger handheld browser extension.
  • By using MeetEdger you can easily create a detailed library of updates and edits.
  • You can easily subscribe from monthly subscriptions $49 per month, and if you want to use this tool for less than 2 days you can use it for free on the trial basis.


10. Tweepi

Tweepi is an AI-enabled social media marketing tool that helps you to grow their brand presence on Twitter. You can easily use this tool to increase your twitter fan following by 100 new followers each day. It primarily draws an enormous range of target audiences to their profile and shows about their preferences and interests

Key Reason to choose Tweepi

  • Tweepi allows you to identify useful tweets for your target audiences by using relevant hashtags for users.
  • It can easily assist you to get rid of irrelevant stuff and inactive users via refreshing your Twitter Account Settings.
  • Tweepi also improves your overall productive aspects via minimizing the procedure of finding and engaging with the right audiences to improve your brand identity.
  • Tweepi comprises of silver and platinum pricing plans, silver price estimates at a mere of $12.75 on monthly basis, and meanwhile, annual pricing costs around $129.00 per year. The platinum version consists of several features with a price estimate of $249.00 on annual basis and $24.99 per month.

Wrap Up

In a nutshell, SMM is useful to promote your brand identity on the online marketplace. Nowadays, digital marketers and social media influencers in digital firms and web design services companies use SMM tools to maintain consistency and reliability to promote their productive services. Hence, SMM tools are playing a vital role in the world of digital marketing to promote online businesses.


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