9 Tips to Rank Your Website In SERP

SEO Best Practices 2019: 9 Tips to Rank Your Website In SERP

9 Tips to Rank Your Website In SERP

SEO Best Practices 2019

With the rapid advancement in technology has led to the emergence of the latest digital marketing strategies and it primarily focuses on changing requirements in the business world. The major development in the areas of digital marketing including SEO, SEM, SMM, PPC, and CPC, etc. primarily focuses on subsequent techniques that help your website to be ranked on the topmost web-page in SERPs.

It is proven that well-optimized sites receive enormous traffic within a considerable timeframe and this results in improved ROI and sales generation with SEO techniques. Likewise, if you want to boost ranking of your website in SERPs then it is important for you to consider SEO best practices that are widely used in the marketplace. For Instance, a properly illustrated website of a web design company has the possibility of getting ranked due to its consistency and appealing layouts, so it is essential for you to hire a renowned web design agency for well-organized design and development of your startup’s website, such as professional web designers at Webby Giants have clearly explained in their blog post that they are providing quality website and logo design services that caters the needs of their targeted clients.

1. Research About Keywords Intended For Your Target Audiences

Keywords Research

Keywords Research

The most important aspect of SEO is to perform keyword research, you’ll be required to identify right target audiences which seems to be well-suited in your specific industry-based requirements. According to search engine journal that if you own a website then your foremost step is to conduct a detailed survey from various sources i.e. by visiting them physically or having an online conversation, your job is to find out their regional demographics, and preferences. Further step ahead you will have to research about various content topics with relevant ROI keywords that focuses on your particular business identity, services, and products that foster the needs of your business-oriented target competitors.

2. Devise Strategies To Market Your Content

Devise strategies to market your content

Content Marketing Strategy

One of the best strategic practices in SEO is known as content marketing. If you want to promote brand awareness among your target audiences is that it will unanimously promote your business as a matter of fact it must be your sole aspect to attain user engagement via creating compelling blog posts and further promoting them via content marketing techniques such as advertisements, internal and external backlinking in your content for social media posts. Similarly, Quick Sprout, the popular eCommerce, and digital marketing service provider has released a tool that drives flexible and positive outcomes such as:

  • Increased views on your website page, blog or social media posts.
  • Improves page speed and decreases bounce rate to an average position.

Primarily, these tools assist content marketers and bloggers to get engaged in a best-case scenario possessed in the social media marketing platforms with a major focus to promote your brand via conducting marketing campaigns using digital content promotion and relevant tactics.

3. Create Effective Backlinks

Create effective backlinks

Create Effective Backlinks

If you want to build up an effective link building technique then you have to ensure proper implementation of backlinks in your social media posts and relevant stuff, whether it may be internal backlink or external backlink, as the purpose is to link your responsive website as stated here with another incoming website is referred as backlinking. Similarly, in 2019, Quick Sprout has contributed to link building approaches with a mere focus on various educational websites within their blog posts, according to the diversification of website linking into a variety of accounts with quantity with over 50% of monthly traffic from Google, Bing to induce improved SERPs.

4. Properly Optimize Content, Images & Meta Description

 optimize content, images and meta description

Optimize Content, Images & Meta Description

You should properly format your content and optimize it using plagiarism checkers and quality assurance tools before publishing your WordPress blog. According to latest reports, it is suggested that you should use unique title and meta descriptions for your webpages, try to use relevant long-tail and short-tail keywords along with optimizing your image with Alt texts, this will enable you to produce a compelling and thought-provoking content with improved readability score that will eventually allow you to promote your brand through utmost web copywriting services and it’ll help you to boost your website rankings.

5. Produce Plagiarism Free Content

Produce Plagiarism Free Content

Produce Plagiarism Free Content

Plagiarism should be avoided at every instance, be careful while writing an article, blog posts or any technical document that it should be free from plagiarism, as several paid plagiarism checkers can easily highlight plagiarism if you have just copy and paste any material available online. You should always focus on quality, firstly brainstorm use your creative approach and write a well-written document or a blog post. The latest research in 2019 shows that about 50% of bloggers fail to promote their content is just because they lack in removing the plagiarism whether it may be a spun content or idea replication, so you should be aware of these threats and violation of rights.

6. Be Aware Of Google Penguin Algorithm

Be Aware of Google Penguin Algorithm

Be Aware Of Google Penguin Algorithm

You should avoid spamming and other irrelevant SEO activities because the latest google penguin algorithm catches spam websites and decreases their search engine rankings as they violate the rules and regulations of Google Webmasters guidelines. Google Penguin regularly monitor billions of links activated into the account and it redirects users to relevant optimized links and surpasses the web spam links and makes user searchability much effective. Hence, the rumors are currently roaming around that Google Penguin is aiming to release its new update which will eradicate all the possible linking performed by spammers. This algorithm is quite essential for eCommerce and digital marketing agencies that focus on promoting eCommerce development services to its targeted clients.

7. Measure Usability Of Your Website

Measure Usability Of Your Website

It must be noted that you should always measure the usability of your website. Always consult with SQA Engineers to test your website and resolve issues related to user experiences including content usability, website layout, and design, responsive website development and relevant optimization factors. Now, Google is using AI-enabled algorithms to ensure proper usability and to rank your webpage at the topmost position, in this regard the most popular algorithm introduced by google is PageRank, it effectively measures the CPC, bounce rate and overall time period of optimization and other relevant usability metrics to maintain proper integrity and reliance on their products and conservative services.

8. Have A Look On Google Business Listing

Have A Look On Google Business Listing

You must fill out proper business information which is often needed when you are aiming to build up your business and upload your business logo and verify your listing via phone calls or email. According to the latest research, if you have made accurate business listing profile then you will most likely get higher chances to get ranked on the very first web page.

9. Respond To Your Reviews

Respond To Your Reviews

You must respond to reviews which you have received as it creates a mutual bond with your visitors, allies and your company. Moreover, it also improves consistency in your workflow and inspires your employees to move ahead. In 2019, it has become an important trend to have a conversation with visitors in the form of reviews, even if someone gives you negative remarks still you will benefit from it, as it will assist you to work much smarter in the near future.

Wrap Up

Certainly, Digital Marketing Strategies especially SEO is booming around in the market segment, with a wide variety of opportunities to promote your brand to the next level. In every top web design agency, It has been noted that an experienced SEO analyst or digital marketer seemingly focuses on your website performance metrics and rankings to reach your website or blog at the very first rank on search engines. Hence, SEO best practices are notable key to boost your brand identity to climax position.

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