The one thing that keeps marketers up at night is whether their campaigns are performing at the optimum level or not? Is it the best they could do or could they have made it better? Whether your digital marketing campaigns are performing as well as you had hoped or not, we all know that there is always room for improvement. The difficult thing to determine here is how. How can we improve our campaigns and achieve more? Which element should we focus on?

This is when you really need A/B testing.


A/B testing is not something new. It has been around for decades. It was here even before social media and even before the internet. Doctors have been using A/B trials for centuries. Even Google used A/B testing to find out which shade of blue would go better in its campaign.

Even marketers have been conducting A/B testing on television and newspaper ads. Once these tests were done, they would try to analyze those tests and then make the necessary changes.

A/B testing is sometimes also called split testing or bucket testing. Simply put, it is a method of taking two versions of a landing page, an app, even a single element of a landing page or a marketing campaign, comparing them against each other and then finding out which one is better. Most of the digital agencies like Webby Giants are using this technique in their design, development and marketing projects.

It is an experiment where two or even more variations of the same element are shown to users at random and then the results are checked against the objectives to find out which one performed better.


It is extremely beneficial for marketers as it takes all the assumptions and guesswork out of campaign optimization and allows you to make informed decisions based on the results. Best practices can only get you so far and with only broad and generic strategies. When specifics are concerned, the need to test different ideas before implementing them becomes greater.

That is why A/B testing is important, as it allows you to actually experiment with your campaigns in front of your real target audience and gives you concrete data which you can use to make your decisions. This way you can ensure that your marketing goals are being met and you can improve your growth rate.

It’s not mandatory to A/B test in the beginning of the campaign, you can do it any time you want. A/B testing is useful before starting any campaign, but it is more beneficial during the campaign as you get to fine-tune your strategy along the way and make the necessary tweaks to achieve maximum results. With constant use, you will see a drastic improvement in your achievements.


You can use A/B testing across multiple channels like:

  • Email marketing
  • Mobile advertising
  • Website pages
  • Landing pages
  • newsletters
  • Banner ads
  • Social media posts
  • Marketing campaigns and more.

Even if you have selected a channel, you don’t have to apply the test on a broad and generic strategy. You can be as specific as you want and evaluate any and all elements based on your needs.

Here are some of the items that you can test:

  • Headlines
  • Sub headlines
  • CTA buttons
  • CTA text
  • Email subject lines
  • Images
  • Other graphics
  • Ad copy
  • Color scheme
  • Pricing structures
  • Offers
  • Layout
  • Content

The dilemma now arises that with so many elements to test from, how do you decide which one to test? You can do it randomly, but it is best if you have some kind of structure to your testing.

Analyze the results of your previous campaigns and find out what elements would you like to improve. Find out how visitors are coming to your website and what they are doing, which top web development companies are doing when they are working on their client projects. Which of your pages are they spending the most time on? For email marketing, check the open rate of your emails or the click-through rates and conversions.



The very first thing that you have to do is to identify which of your elements you would like to test. For example, if you are working on a, you can select an element above the fold, or a landing page for the website, a CTA, or any other element that you think needs improvement. Analyze the data to find out if any of the elements are not performing as you want them to. Once you have a number of elements, rank them according to your need and start with the element that you have given the topmost priority to.

Now create two versions of that element. Make sure that you have some metrics that will help you track your tests. It could be more sales, more comments and shares of your post, more subscribers for your newsletter or anything else.

You need to have a timeline for your tests. How long would you run your A/B test? Depending on your marketing campaign, it shouldn’t be too short or too long.

Once all these things are done, run the test. You can only test one element at a time. This way, if there are any changes in the results, you will know which element is responsible for it. Run both the versions of the element at the same time and make sure that all the factors affecting both the elements are the same. This will include demographics, group size, and other similar variables.

Once you have run the test for the allotted period of time, compare and analyze the results and make the changes accordingly. If your tests are inconclusive or if the variations are not a lot, then change your assumptions and run again.

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A/B testing provides exceptional benefits for digital marketing campaigns. Some of them are:

Decrease in Confusion and Assumptions

As mentioned above, A/B testing provides you with the ability to make decisions based on hard facts and statistics instead of doing guesswork. You will know exactly what your audience will relate to and what they won’t. You can target them better and guarantee sales and conversions.

Continuous Improvement over time

Before A/B testing, marketers would make their decisions based on their hypotheses and assumptions and wouldn’t be able to check their decisions until after the campaign was over. With A/b testing, you can constantly improve your performance and get closer and closer to your goals.

Better ROI

This is the end result of your A/B testing. The more you test your elements, the better your performance, the better ROI you will see at the end of the campaign.

Knowing all these facts, we can safely say based not on assumptions, but on facts that A/B testing is a lifesaver for marketers and can positively affect digital marketing campaigns. You get to improve your performance, and reduce wastage. Not only will it bring more ROI, it will also cut your costs and increase your campaign’s reach.

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What’s New At Made By Google Hardware Event 2019?

Made By Google Event 2019

As we know that every tech giant has arranged an event every year in which they launch new hardware products and devices. On Oct 15th, Google organized its annual event called Made By Google in the New York, United States. Before this event, we heard too many news over the internet about its hardware devices such as Pixel 4, Pixel Buds earphones and more. All the tech related industry such website design services companies, app development firms and software houses were also waiting for this Google event to follow the new trends.

Now everything is finally confirmed by the Google in the latest hardware event where they announced all kinds of hardware devices. Here are the biggest announcements by Google in Pixel Event 2019:

  • Google Pixel 4 & Pixel 4 XL
  • Google Stadia
  • Google Pixelbook Go
  • Google Pixel Buds
  • Google Nest Mini
  • Google Nest Wifi


Google Pixel 4 & Pixel 4 XL

In this latest smartphone, you will watch hybrid digital & optical zoom contain with its lenses. The most appealing four new features of this smartphone are:

  • Google delivers machine based white balancing option that helps user to get proper colors when they are shooting
  • Live HDR Plus offering effective features in which you can easily see your images with HDR effects before its processing
  • Camera App is also providing a new functionality named dual-exposure controls through which user can easily manage shadows and brightness when they are trying to capture an image
  • In Pixel 4, user can get the improved night sight vision through which they can easily capture the stars in the sky.


Google Stadia

A Google Cloud gaming service called Stadia will release in the month of November 2019. In the New York event, Rick Osterloh, the hardware Google official said that the user will play games on pixel devices, laptops and televisions using Stadia. It delivers the first controller which is based on cloud service. The design of these playing remotes is more comfortable for users and easy to grip.

At the time of launching Google Stadia, there are more than thirty games which offer by cloud service for their users to purchase but it’s still not cleared which game will available in the Pro subscription.


Google Pixelbook Go

Pixelbook Go is another device announced by Google in the latest event which contain slim metal body, 13.3-inch display screen along with large touchpad. It is very light in weight, but costly in price.

Google is trying to deliver a more comfortable typing experience in this laptop. The large touchpad is very useful for users to perform any activity either type or draw something.

In this laptop, Google provides rapid charging speed using USB-C which boosts time from 2 hours to 20 minutes. This is a big change in battery charging speed which delivers the comfort of their users.


Google Pixel Buds

Google released new pixel buds which also known as second generation Pixel Buds. It is a wireless earphone which is available in $179. It comes in round shape along with an appealing case which looks better than the previous one.

Google offers the wide range Bluetooth connectivity which user can use without keeping our smartphone with us. According to the Google, user can connect to the device when they are away from almost three rooms.


Google Nest Mini

Google launched new smart speakers called Nest Mini to continue the sequel of Home Mini after two years. This new device contains very effective features for music and video lovers.

Here are the top features which you can see in Nest Mini:

  • Hang on the wall
  • More effective touch control
  • Quick and Smart Response
  • 40% stronger bass
  • Stereo Pairing


Google Nest WiFi

After the three years, Google launched a latest version of WiFi router named Nest WiFi. The latest mesh system contains a base router along with companion extenders which is known as Points. This device allows you to communicate to the points through Google Assistant. User can also ask Assistant about the network related questions.

In this recent era, if someone has a smart display in the home than they can easily communicate with the Assistant to guide their visitors through WiFi that display the QR code. Simply the guest scan the QR code and enter in the network system.


Wrap Up

In the latest event 2019, Google released the more advanced devices that transform the world more digital. Other tech giants are also working on latest hardware devices to compete with Google. Almost every business is using smart devices to improve their sales and productivity. We also assume that it will impact on all digital agencies and software houses as well because all the hardware devices need software to perform specific functionalities.

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Top 10 SMM Tools That Helps To Promote Startup in 2020

Top 10 SMM Tools That Helps To Promote Startup in 2020

It is a prevalent fact that social media plays a vital role to promote your startup business or online brand platforms. You can drive thousands of visitors to your website by effectively leveraging social media tools. The use of social media is rapidly increasing that comprises of latest platforms with specific attention on the best practices of social media marketing. For Instance, the research estimates show that over 2.7 billion people around the world are using Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

The latest reports have investigated that over 70% of professionals in the US are primarily involved in the usage of at least one of the social media platforms. It is also reported that 71% of shop keepers held positive experience on social media platforms, most of the social media experts are seemingly looking ahead to boost their brand identity to other positive recommendations. When social media campaigns accurately performed, social media marketing can bring remarkable success to your brand identity. Furthermore, you can devise a variety of valuable content on the social media platform to attract your target audiences and to drive user-engagement patterns and techniques. For this reason, the rate of new jobs related to online marketing in digital agencies increased so rapidly in last 10 years such as Social Media Marketing Experts, Search Engine Optimization Experts and more. Hence, it might be a difficult task to manage all of your social media accounts and marketing campaigns in a manual or concise form. Thus, in this article, we have highlighted and discussed in-depth about the top 10 reasons on how to use SMM tools assists you to promote your startup business in 2020.


1. Buffer

Buffer is a popular resource-scheduling tool that permits digital marketers to schedule posts on multiple social media platforms and vice versa. By using buffer, you can either familiarize post to each platform or publish the same posts on multiple platforms.

Likewise, you can easily integrate Buffer chrome extension to add on any content you find on the website to the Buffer queue. This seems like a creative and fun associated aspect to the whole process of content development and sharing of your posts on social media platforms, because for once you do not have any plans to share anything in advance. However, your social media posts will not be shareable at the best possible time duration. You can also track multiple links to see which content is most conducive and popular with compelling readers.

Key Reasons to choose Buffer

  • It saves a considerable amount of time by allowing you to schedule your content or posts on social networking websites consisting on Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter.
  • You can also review your social media posts, and you can understand changes required that can help your post to better performance metrics.
  • You can easily manage 25 members from your team to work together.
  • You can perform hands-on experience with 14 days of the trial period, later you can avail pro, premium and business version, the pro version nearly costs $15 per month, the premium version nearly costs $65 per month and business version $99 version nearly costs $99 per month.


2. HashtagsForLikes

HashtagsForLikes is a social media-marketing tool that helps you to analyze hashtags for your Instagram posts. As users share their latest Instagram posts consisting of video marketing and other content for user engagement to boost their online presence. In this way, social media tools and resources are helpful to achieve your destined goal. You will not have to use similar old hashtags any longer. This tool assists you to influence relevant and trending hashtags to empower your traffic reach on social media platforms. Primarily, you can use them to influence your targeted audiences and grow your brand identity. The price estimate of this tool is $15 per week for premium and advanced version. However, the free version is readily available in the market.

Key Reasons to choose HashtagsForLikes

  • HashtagsForLikes uses such algorithm that gives you the best hashtags for your brand identity, which can easily help you to get the maximum experience and to reach your target audiences to the next level on the social media platform.
  • Mostly, you can easily target your competitors via hashtags targeting aspects. This tool will help you to attract your target audience niche-based followers who are most likely to be interested in your brand via products or services.
  • You can also use this tool to primarily analyze any Instagram based account, acquire leading business insights and improves your accountability and privacy.
  • You can easily upgrade to the weekly and monthly package they can easily provide you advanced features at cost-effective price rates of $15 for a weekly package and $38 for a monthly package.

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3. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is probably one of the well-renowned social media marketing tools in the marketplace but it is often misinterpreted or understood tool as well. Most of the companies have multiple social media tools and accounts and it seems difficult to manage them in a manual order. Hootsuite allows you to manage all your social media accounts from a specific dashboard. By using this tool to search, schedule and manage all your social media content in an accurate and precise way.

Key Reasons to choose Hootsuite

  • You can easily maintain a strong social media presence via scheduling hundreds of posts in a specific target audience.
  • It can assist you to organize all your content with easiness and it saves your content in your cloud-based platforms. Further, it also ensures that the approved content is seen live at the scheduled date and time zones.
  • You can choose from multiple packages comprising of professional package priced at $19, it consumes 10 social profiles, unlimited scheduling intended for 1 user. The team package is priced at $99 which especially focuses on 20 social profiles, unlimited scheduling for 3 users. The business package is priced at $599 which comprises of 35 social profiles, unlimited scheduling from 5 users up to 10 users. Furthermore, enterprise version provides custom solutions, for price rate you will have to contact Hootsuite customer support services.


4. Lithium

Lithium is an essential social media-marketing tool that assists brand communication with customer efficiency. Primarily, apart from assisting you to automate your posts across various social media platforms and it also assist you to monitor conversation rate about your brand identity. This platform is primarily useful as you can easily join these conversations and engages your potential customers and clients effectively.

Key Reasons to choose Hootsuite

  • Lithium primarily helps you to manage your marketing campaigns, content management aspects, and potential responses from a specific region.
  • Online Communities on Lithium can help you to get engaged with your client’s better incentives and provides the information that they might be looking for what they want to promote their marketing campaigns.
  • It primarily assists each brand to manage their social media engagements across their social media channels, websites, online communities, and mobile-based apps.


5. Social Metrics Pro

Social Metrics Pro is a popular social media analytics tool and resource that allows you to manage your social media accounts from one place to monitor all your news feeds as well in reply to specific comments and social media posts. It primarily features an implemented-on WhatsApp dashboard to help you monitor social activity across Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp. You can easily search, sort and filter your posts to find the most user engaging resources in an effective way. It primarily provides many useful color-based visualizations elements that assist you to easily figure out the top-most posts and well-defined social media newsfeeds and the best part is that you can do all this platform without relinquishing a WordPress Environment.

Key Reasons to choose Social Metrics Pro

  • Social metrics pro tool allows you to choose how many posts you want to witness at a specific time zone.
  • By using social metrics, you can easily track how your content is shareable on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites.
  • You can find multiple posts have been shared across on multiple social networking platforms.
  • You can easily avail both features of the tool namely social metrics pro-single-site and social metrics pro-unlimited. Hence, the price rate of social metrics pro-single-site nearly cost around $27 only for one time, and social metrics pro unlimited is priced at $67 once a time.
  • If for any reason you are not satisfied with our products, you can contact the company within the first 60 days of your purchase, they will promptly refund the full price you had paid.


6. Everypost

Everypost is a social media marketing tool that allows publishers to post multimedia content around various platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Medium, and LinkedIn, etc. This app enables us to automate the use of social media platforms, which in contrast will distribute content more widely in a well-defined manner to reach a broader scope of the horizon. This tool dominates your online business by providing conducive and well-acquainted ways to manage your business. This tool was released in the month of August 2019 at an event held at Miami, Florida.

Key Reasons to Choose Everypost

  • Everypost comprises of post customization feature, which helps you to accelerate the effectiveness of every post shared on social media platforms.
  • You can easily collaborate with your team members from anywhere across the globe.
  • Further, you can update your workflow parameters and it will save time via scheduling your social media posts.
  • There exists a 14-day trial period, later you can also purchase a premium edition that consists of several resources and extensive feature.


7. Agorapulse

Agorapulse is a social media marketing tool that helps businesses and digital marketers to manage their social media accounts and to devise their online presence. It simply assists you to build a meaningful platform and proactive relationships with your followers. In addition, Agorapulse is a user-friendly and easily implementable platform that offers flexible solutions such as improved customer support.

Key Reasons to choose Agorapulse

  • In Agorapulse, you can personalize your content for your social networking sites.
  • It assists you to schedule your social media posts in advance methods.
  • It can also reschedule your social media posts from one perspective to another.
  • Later, you can also monitor and respond to all your social media conversation in a specific timeframe.
  • You can choose among multiple packages comprising of the medium, large, extra-large and enterprise plans. Significantly, medium $99 on monthly basis or $79 per month, and the large version priced at $199 per month or $179 per month, along with X-Large with $299 month or $269 per month and enterprise version with $499 per month or $459 per month.


8. Sprinklr

Sprinklr is the most competitive social media management system for enterprise resource planning. It assists the world’s largest brands related to digital marketing aspects, online advertising, sales and support focused on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and various 21 popular channels in a single platform.

If you want to make use of this platform in an enterprise mode then you can easily plug it into customer management systems.  In this way, you can easily allow your employees to cooperate in real-time environment and manage your business more effectively.

Key Reasons to choose Sprinklr

  • Sprinklr Insights are used to monitor your competition are tracking audience-based engagements, marketing trends and measure sentiments.
  • Sprinklr collects information from multiple channels that helps you to measure effectiveness of your content.
  • You can also respond to the conversation rate that is roaming around your brand across various social media platforms and aspects.
  • Sprinklr provides customized pricing plans, according to the recent estimates the price rates range in between $60,000 to $100,000 per year, mainly depending on the number of social media accounts incorporated into user platform.


9. MeetEdger

MeetEdger is a social media marketing tool that automates content resharing and optimization aspects to measure traffic. It is primarily designed to assist brands whilst performing the tasks assigned by the content manager without permitting it to hire another individual itself. It is primarily ideal for multinational companies that devise compelling content which helps them to promote their brand. MeetEdger permits access to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It from any mobile device; in this way, you can easily schedule your content resharing tasks and watch traffic insights and user engagement strength via optimizing your website to generate an enormous amount of ROI to maintain your digital trends.

Key Reasons to choose MeetEdger

  • MeetEdger can easily organize and schedule all your posts via multiple categories.
  • MeetEdger instantly goes through your scheduled posts and content schedule from each category and start reutilizing the older updates.
  • You can easily save your time via implementing the content to MeetEdger handheld browser extension.
  • By using MeetEdger you can easily create a detailed library of updates and edits.
  • You can easily subscribe from monthly subscriptions $49 per month, and if you want to use this tool for less than 2 days you can use it for free on the trial basis.


10. Tweepi

Tweepi is an AI-enabled social media marketing tool that helps you to grow their brand presence on Twitter. You can easily use this tool to increase your twitter fan following by 100 new followers each day. It primarily draws an enormous range of target audiences to their profile and shows about their preferences and interests

Key Reason to choose Tweepi

  • Tweepi allows you to identify useful tweets for your target audiences by using relevant hashtags for users.
  • It can easily assist you to get rid of irrelevant stuff and inactive users via refreshing your Twitter Account Settings.
  • Tweepi also improves your overall productive aspects via minimizing the procedure of finding and engaging with the right audiences to improve your brand identity.
  • Tweepi comprises of silver and platinum pricing plans, silver price estimates at a mere of $12.75 on monthly basis, and meanwhile, annual pricing costs around $129.00 per year. The platinum version consists of several features with a price estimate of $249.00 on annual basis and $24.99 per month.

Wrap Up

In a nutshell, SMM is useful to promote your brand identity on the online marketplace. Nowadays, digital marketers and social media influencers in digital firms and web design services companies use SMM tools to maintain consistency and reliability to promote their productive services. Hence, SMM tools are playing a vital role in the world of digital marketing to promote online businesses.


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10 Stunning Examples of Responsive Web Design For 2020

Stunning Examples of Responsive Web Design

Certainly, responsive web design is an activity of enhancing user experiences by adapting the website page layout scheme via accessing the website. Web design trends are very important as it heavily relies on the amount of traffic on your site. Likewise, we have already stepped into an era where mobile web traffic has comfortably overtaken over traditional desktop traffic in multiple regions. Moreover, mobile traffic is responsible for measuring approximately 52% of all web traffic.

It is expected that by the last quarter of 2019 over 63% of all mobile phone users will easily access the Internet with their device. However, there hasn’t been an important situation to have a clear focus on the leading responsive web design trends has entirely approached from the user perspective of the end-user. You must look around at things in general perspective, several key-value web design trends are already proving to be the fore-frontier among developers around the world. For Instance, the professionals of Webby Giants are focusing on latest web design trends related to responsive web apps and websites to maintain brand identity in the marketplace. However, some facilities are continuations of existing trends and others will bring the latest features and functionalities into the mix criterion. Hence, in this article, we have discussed 10 remarkable examples of responsive web design that will shape their online presence in 2020.


1. GitHub

GitHub Web Design

GitHub provides hosting services for software development purposes. Microsoft acquired the company in the year 2018 with a mere of $7.5 billion. It offers users advanced services such as distributed version control and source code management (SCM) functioning of Git along with incorporating its own features.

It provides access control mechanisms and other relevant features consisting of tracking bugs, requests of features, task management and wikis for multiple projects. GitHub’s website offers a consistent experience across every personal device. Hence, there will be quantifiable differences:

  • Whilst transferring from desktop to tablet devices, the above area fold changes from a two-column layout to a single-column layout consisting of the copy just above the sign-up form instead of beside it.
  • In contrast to desktop and tablet devices, which seemingly focus on the sign-up form, GitHub consists of only the CTA button on your mobile device. Precisely, users might click the CTA button to make a surface of the form.
  • Like Dribble, GitHub has also removed the search bar and hide the menu bar behind a hamburger icon on smartphone devices. This is a common practice, as it assists you to reduce mess stuff on the smartphones, where space is restricted.

2. Shopify

Shopify Website Design
Shopify Website

The user experience of Shopify is dependable across all the devices around the globe. Similarly, the CTA button and illustrations have transited the way between desktop to mobile devices. For Instance, on personal computers and tablet PCs, the CTA button is on the right side of the form field. Albeit, on the mobile device it is beneath it.

Precisely, the illustrations are placed on the right of the copy corner on personal computers and tablets. whereas, they are placed beneath the copy of smartphones. Like many websites, the menu of Shopify is also replaced with a hamburger icon on smartphone devices.

3. Slack

Slack Website Design
Slack Website

The brand name “Slack” is simply known for simple and human. It isn’t surprising enough to know that their website is following similar strategies. Their flexible grid structure is easily adjustable with every size and shape. For Instance, whilst custom logos are presented in a three-column layout on desktop and laptop computers. Albeit, they are displayed on a single-column layout on smartphones.

Primarily, the Slack website is designed to be user-friendly. For Instance, the call-to-action buttons span the entire column on tablet PCs and mobile phones that will eventually help users to avoid clicking the “Sign Up” Hyperlink.

4. Treehouse

Treehouse Website Design
Treehouse Website

Treehouse offers a productive experience across all relevant platforms. It must be understood that their menu seems to be actively smaller around various devices. Albeit, desktop and laptop computers consist of a four-item menu, tablets feature a two-item menu bar and hamburger icon and smartphones offer a single item menu and icon bar.

Their form field experiences similar changes in the current situation. Indeed, they are depicted into multiple columns on both laptop and desktop computers and one column on tablet PCs and mobile devices.

5. Wired

Wired Website Design
Wired Website

Wired comprises of a dynamic and responsive layout featuring multidimensional columns and sidebar on desktop devices, which are transformed into a single column on smartphone devices. If you are making the transition from tablet to smartphones, the issue mostly faced is that their menu shrinks to implement only their logo design, a menu icon, along with a subscription link. With consistency, search functioning and the capability to sort out newsfeeds of Wired’s by section won’t be available on your mobile phone.

The only where wired shrines are primarily using flexible images and photos. As, crop feature on their feature images variations across multiple platforms. Primarily, laptop and desktop computers, images differ within squares and rectangles that provides plentiful users to explore with their own predictions. Albeit, on their handheld devices, are all featuring images are being cropped using 16:9 ratio.

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6. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine Website Design
Smashing Magazine Website

Smashing Magazine goes above and beyond that offers an alternative experience across various device metrics. Their website features a two-column layout, full menu bar, and combination mark on desktop computers that converts into a single-column layout and condensed menu with letter mark on tablets and smartphones.

  • The website also loads in 2 seconds on smartphone devices with the 3G Internet.
  • It is estimated that 70% of mobile connectivity at the end of 2020.

Certainly, smashing magazine is also a remarkable example of the complete design. The menu has shown to depict desktop user features consisting of labels and icons. Instead of using the menu icon, they have opted for a CTA button with a menu and search icon. Thus, digital incentives have no problems via navigating websites from smartphone devices, albeit other generations don’t necessarily know what hamburger icons are representing quite devastating.

7. Popular Science

Popular Science Website Design
Popular Science Website

Popular Science offers you a great user experience instead of any matter focuses on mobile devices you are using. Primarily, the content consists central stage, as you are expecting and with responsive imaging and clarified typography.

Hence, Popular Science has successfully devised a responsive website that consequently holds easy for reading and usage purposes. The information and details on this website are represented in such a way that all its content can be easily measured down across a wide range of devices.

8. Dropbox

Dropbox Website Design
Dropbox Website

Dropbox is a consistent success that has contributed excellent services by tailoring down its website to meet the requirements of small-scale devices. Primarily, the desktop version features a sleek aesthetic design comprising of a grid and images of colors that seem complementary to each other.

Basically, the first image rotates on the mobile version to fit the appropriate space. As, some of the grid colors may also be changed for the mobile version, prompting a change of font color so that the page remains at readable state. Furthermore, the solution to the lack of space on the mobile variant is that despite having a signup form pop-up on the right corner of the screen, it is merely hidden before the entitlement of CTA.

9. Flow Festival

Flow Festival Website Design
Flow Festival Website

Flow Festival is an urban music and arts festival held in Helsinki, Finland. Primarily, the website that combines a minimalist design with a major focus on large textual sizes against a white background and large-sized photos to advertise them exactly what matters the most to the users and artists.

Technically, the sections of the website are clustered using a visually pleasing dynamic moving text, that draws back the conceptualization of kitsch marquee design of the 90s. Consequently, on the small-screen version, this has created a notch to attain user-engagement trends on screens.

10. Swiss Air

Swiss Air Website Design
Swiss Air Website

Consequently, swiss air maintains its valuable CTA on all digital platforms. This service assists users to get hands-on experience on the best flights and actively deals regardless of the device.

Primarily, the mobile and tablet version of the website can easily resize priorities of the website appropriately to the resolution and size dimensions of the screen without having a loss of any essential content that is quite usable, easy to navigate and practical to ensure user experience. Hence, by modifying the grid on the main website and tablet PCs version to multidimensional rows on the mobile screens is quite an affordable choice to dealt with target consumers.

Wrap Up

In a nutshell, responsive web design is useful approach to attract your target consumers. There exists plenty of ways to display content in the form of UI/UX design, these kinds of trends are followed professionals in web design companies. As the specific intention of such firms is to deliver the content in a manageable way that doesn’t discriminate people depending on the device it is being displayed on the screen. Hence, it is evident that responsive web design has revolutionized the dimensions of multiple industries.

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5 Essentials of Persuasive Copywriting for Video Content

5 Essentials of Persuasive Copywriting for Video Content

Persuasion comes with human nature. Since we’re born, we develop ways to convince our parents to help us to… well, survive.

Later we learn to communicate, we start using language and gradually learn to use certain words to get our needs fulfilled. It’s not very different today, you’ve always persuaded people around you. Now that you work in advertising, you can use your convincing skills to create messages for a living, in this particular case, to ultimately sell using high-quality, convincing video content.

1. Work with the Right Words – and Verbs!

Right Words – and Verbs!
Focus on Right Words – and Verbs!

First of all, if you’re a copywriter you must love writing. I mean, that’s the job, right? But my advice is that if you’re not a devoted reader, you start enjoying reading too. Having good reading habits truly makes a difference when trying to find the right words to say something accurately. It’ll work in your favor and, of course, be useful for your craft.

Work on learning new things, and you’ll have lots of words to choose from instead of a limited vocabulary that sounds like everything else on the internet. Besides the basics, you’ll need good keyword research for SEO purposes. But that’s a whole other topic to discuss later. Meanwhile, you can check out these best practices to rank your content.

Additionally, remember the art of persuasion involves a well-thought-out choice of words and verbs that call to action. You’re trying to influence people to buy your product without just saying “Here it is, buy it.”

There are some online tools that can help you measure if your copy is effective and convincing, but you can also create your own method by making a list of effective verbs and adjectives for your video marketing strategy. Adjectives are almost endless, and the real power in a sentence comes from verbs. If you want your argument to be solid, choose one of these active verbs.

2. Write Short Copy for Short Videos

 Short Videos
Write Short Copy for Short Videos

In case you didn’t know by now, let me tell you videos must be short. Unless you want people to leave your channel or click on Funniest Cat Compilation 2019 instead, there’s no other way to do it. Branded YouTube videos should be 3 to 5 minutes max, and the copy must be written accordingly so viewers can read well without having to take a second look or pause it.

According to Copywrite Matters, short copy is ideal for heavy-image marketing, such as a video strategy for YouTube. In this case, less is more.

If you’re new at copywriting, relax and enjoy the writing process. You’re not the first and certainly won’t be the last to give video content a try. Take it easy, there are tons of tutorials and how-tos that can help you become an expert if you’re willing to learn. The Internet is a good place to find great tools and there’s no need to hire a team, and you can save some bucks while you’re at it.

Still hesitant? Well, it’s 2019 and you can always hire a friend or someone on the other side of the world to design and create your content, but remember this could take you several rounds of drafts, feedback, and changes of what doesn’t feel right for your brand.

To give your YouTube channel a professional look, try using an online intro maker, it’ll save you a ton of work and you’ll just have to record and edit the rest of the content you need for each video of your channel.

Here’s a short video that explains how to refresh your YouTube intro.

3. Create Copy that is Harmonious with Images

Copy Harmonious with Images
Create Copy Harmonious with Images

When working on branded video content, graphics and text should be harmonious with each other. This means that the message gets through clearly with an eye-catching video.

Yes, a part of successful copywriting relies on inspiration, but that’s really a small fraction of the end result, the rest depends on the process and technical skills you’ll master with practice. At first, you’ll think everything through and will edit a ton, but it all comes to keeping sentences short and concise, and images meaningful and attractive. Similarly, professionals at Webby Giants are also emphasized on these factors when they are working on clients project.

Organize your ideas and get them into a logical structure; if it’s not clear enough for you, it won’t be for your viewers. Work with a script as filmmakers do and, if you feel like it, sketch a storyboard with dummy texts or a rough idea of your copy to see how they work together.

4. Tell a Story to Bring People Close to Your Brand

Story telling to close with your customers
Tell a Story to Bring People Close to Your Brand

Great video content often has two attributes: it’s simple and it’s effective. Focus on a good story that people can relate to and please, be conversational and try to talk to your audience like you would talk to your friends or your peers if it’s something a bit formal.

Try to stay away from messages that sound like you’re lecturing people. Persuasion is all about guiding them into deciding something, no one likes to feel obligated or commanded to do something when watching a video.

It’s a fine line between persuasion and commanding through branded video content, but you’ll get to it after a few versions.

Be aware that it’s normal to get writer’s block after a while but it’ll pass, just don’t get stuck for too long. Check out how this common belief that could be blocking you.

5. Focus on Quality and Clarity to Communicate Well

Focus on Clarity to Communicate Well
Focus on Quality and Clarity to Communicate Well

There are no foolproof rules on how to create good video content, and available tools can only get you so far. Trust your gut and common (and writer’s) sense to get your message across.

When writing, be sure to close the communication cycle, this means that you shouldn’t leave any questions unanswered when the video ends, or at least have very few that can be addressed later on.

Always remember to call to action and tell your viewers to visit your website, subscribe to your channel, or leave a review in the comments section.

Pay attention to details so that you release videos that have good quality and match technical, recent specs for social media.

How do you make sure your message is clear? Show it to other people and listen to their feedback. We tend to overlook mistakes or assume copy is fully understandable when working the same content over and over. It’s worth mentioning again that copy should be simple and specifically created for video content marketing.

Don’t copy-paste texts that were meant for flyers or other media!

The video content you’re creating is not for yourself. At all times consider what your audience is looking for and what’s trending. Fortunately, today you can get great insights from social media.

Remember that persuasion is not magic, but it’s a craft you can master almost to a magical level! Are you a master copywriter? Please share a tip or two!

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4 Steps to Establishing Your Brand Voice Online

4 Steps to Establishing Your Brand Voice Online
Steps to Establishing Your Brand Voice Online

Behind every memorable business is a strong brand voice that paved the way. Developing a unique brand voice has become increasingly important to a brand’s online presence. A strong brand voice is recognized immediately and distinguishes your company in a very crowded market.

Online presence is a key component in building your brand voice. Whether through your website or social media content, businesses can leverage their brand voice to stand out from the competition and gain loyal customers.

This article explains the importance of developing brand identity online and outlines the steps to take to establishing a consistent and strong brand voice.

What is a Brand Voice?

Brand voice, or brand identity, is the unique way a brand communicates its messages to its target audience. Think of a brand voice as its personality. Brand voice conveys your brand’s personality as well as the company’s values, identity and expertise through your content, tone and other communications.

Since the development of social media, consumer engagement has become an important part of a brand’s image. Consumer engagement refers to the interaction between a company and its customers.

Because of this, it’s becoming more important for companies to establish an online voice.

The goal of developing a brand voice is to make a lasting impression on potential customers to set you apart from other brands. The most successful companies have a strong brand voice which in turn drives customer loyalty. When interacting with brands online, people seek connection, not just information.

Why Brand Voice is Important

A well-developed brand voice can do many things for your business and brand. Benefits include:

  • Making your brand recognizable and identifiable
  • Building customer trust and loyalty with consistent messaging.
  • Enabling your target audience to easily relate to your brand, building trust with your consumers
  • Developing your brand’s exclusive personality and style
  • Fostering long-lasting relationships with your customers
  • Creating a community around your brand
  • Communicating what customers can expect from interactions with your brand
  • Cuts out jargon and sales talk, enabling you to engage with customers authentically.

Establish Your Brand Voice

To develop your unique brand voice online, follow these steps to get you on the right path:

Step 1: Reassess Your Core Values

First, you need to have a clear understanding of who your brand is so you can effectively communicate messages to your audience. Take a step back and reassess your company’s values, core mission, and vision. To define your core values, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why was the company founded?
  • What makes your brand unique?
  • What sets you apart from your competitors?
  • What does your brand stand for?
  • What values do you want to share with your target audience?

Your marketing efforts should always tie back to your core values. Use your core values to generate specific objectives, which stay true to your brand voice.

Step 2: Understand Your Audience

To create a brand voice, you need to know who you are trying to reach and what’s important to them. If you have marketing personas for your customers, you can use those to help build your brand voice.

Understanding how your audience prefers to gather this information will help you determine the type of content and marketing channel to use. You can then tailor your brand voice to meet the target audience’s expectations. In most of the digital agencies and leading web development companies, Digital Marketers are always focus on the target audience when they developing marketing strategies for specific business sector.

Your brand voice should familiar and comfortable for your target audience. Think of your brand as your audience’s friend. When reading your content or looking at your site, they should feel an instant connection. By making your brand voice one that is familiar, you will be able to target the right demographic and build a unique relationship with your audience.

Step 3: Create Cohesive Content

Since you now know your company’s values and the demographic you want to target, you should have a handle on how to communicate your message and convey your brand voice through online content. This is your brands’ opportunity to get creative.

Your online content can include:

  • Your website
  • Blog posts
  • Social media content
  • YouTube videos

Not only does your brand voice include the tone of voice you use, but it also includes your content’s aesthetic. Make sure to use the same type of layouts, color schemes and writing style throughout all your content.

Remember your aesthetic is a big contributor to your brand’s online presence. By sticking with a cohesive theme, you will be able to showcase a memorable brand voice through your marketing efforts.

Step 4: Consistency

As the saying goes, consistency is key. If you aren’t consistent, your brand won’t gain the attention it deserves. Consistency not only means consistency in your content schedule but also staying consistent in the way you project your voice.

If your brand voice is meant to be warm and welcoming, or light and funny, use that same tone of voice throughout all your online efforts.

Inconsistency in your brand’s image can confuse customers. By staying consistent, you will be able to attract customers and keep them around. Almost every best web design company focused on consistency according to the particular project to increase the user engagement which is a basic requirement of their clients.

Let’s look at some examples of different brand’s unique voice online.

TransUnion has a consistent aesthetic that is seen through all of its brands, including ShareAble for Hires and SmartMove.

As you can see, they use the same logo, fonts, and color schemes, making them easily recognizable to the consumer’s eye.

ShareAble Logo
SmartMove Logo

When it comes to brand personality online, fast-food chain Wendy’s is killing the competition. Known for their sassy and comedic tone, they have been a standout brand on Twitter for the last few years.

Wendy’s Twitter
Wendy's Twit
Wendy’s Spicy Nuggets Are Back

Hausera utilizes their blog page to connect with their audience. They are consistent in their content, which targets those in the home improvement and design niche.

Hausera Blog
Hausera Blog Page



Maintaining a consistent, well thought out brand voice is crucial to the success of your brand online. It helps you build better connections with your target audience and distinguishes your brand from your competitors. Use the steps outlined in to establish a consistent and strong brand voice online.

5 Business Intelligence Trends For 2020

Business Intelligence Trends
5 Business Intelligence Trends For 2020

With the rapid advancement in various dimensions of technology has led to the rise of modern era of business intelligence in the industrial marketplace. In this modern age of business intelligence, data analytics and integrated business intelligence applications are progressing ahead in multiple industries of the world including Healthcare, Education, Sports, Finance & Banking Sector etc. It is evident that BI is quicker in response time and progressing precisely to devise advanced reporting modules, as the trend of data analysis is increasing rapidly with certain amount of time frame, similarly forecasting has changed the trends of BI with massive implementations in real world modules and relevant methodological approaches to devise new and improved solutions to expand your business to the next level.

Most of the software companies are progressively imparting the worth of business intelligence with regards to automation and AI based decision making procedures. Within the previous couple of years BI systems are stepping ahead with rapid advancements in the field of technology. The rising and complex environment of business intelligence has provided distinguishing proofs of market trends with a major focus on improvement as a key factor to adapt powerful decision-making approaches. It is merely dominating the industry to utilize the most recent innovative and powerful trends and methodologies to transform them to digitalization prospects and market competition. Hence, in this article we have discussed in-depth about Top 5 Business Intelligence Trends in 2020.

1. Rise of Smart Automation

Smart Automation
Rise of Smart Automation

Today, Automation is mostly restricted to simplistic, time intensive and detailed oriented tasks. Looking forward, users will primarily receive the ability to implement strategic tools and techniques which solves key problems within their business segments for fraud detection, directing at risk consumers and then reducing ad spend waste will be restricted to certain possibilities. According to the recent research and statistics we have provided some of the detailed facts and figures based on latest trends.

  • Gartner has predicted that by 2020 over 40% of data science tasks will be automated that will bring increased the profitability and effectiveness.
  • The key aspects of smart automation tools are Power BI, IBM Watson, DataRobot, ThoughtSpot, and Yellowfin.

Hence, it is proven that vendors are trying to automate any part of the procedure where human beings are involved from data research for delivery purposes. Significantly, vendors are also rushing to build any augmented analytics impression, regardless of in-depth story of the smart automation prospects. This major aspect of smart automation is being integrated with respect to skills automation in business analytics and relevant trends to enhance brand evolution to the next level. The demand of analytics is huge and it will further increase in near future and there won’t be any need of skilled people. However, the organizations will primarily realize what they need to do more with less prevalent and the best way to shorten the value of time period via automation purposes.

2. AI is Improving with Latest Business Insights

AI with latest Business Insights
AI is improving with latest Business Insights

The use of AI is no longer prevalent that the usage of AI in the business world is stepping ahead, as people have entered in the era where it is implementation has become so extensive that people those who use some aspects of AI in real world prospects even in our domestic time zones.  However, the excitement around of the AI in the business world isn’t warning at all. However, on the contrary new solutions are invented and most of the companies are beginning to incorporate AI based strategies in various workplaces. For Instance, web developers are now using AI enabled tools and services such as Amazon web services, Open NN library are used to provide mobile web development services to the target consumers.  The basic strategies from data gathering, analysis and implementation standards are enhancing business insights pertaining to customer services, business development and other roles will be enhanced using AI based chatbots.

  • AI is primarily used to see that the latest data or information at small & medium sized business level.
  • AI is used to perceive that how data was previously updated and devise new strategies to step ahead.
  • Business Insights statistically measures how trustworthy data and information is processed.

However, AI is primarily known that it is much efficient than human beings as pertaining to machine learning algorithms that never fails to figure out differences will learn from environment prospects and behavioral outlines to adapt in their business environment to devise new business insights to proceed ahead. If most of the AI is anything, it is impartial and can be easily incorporated in any industry. Hence, the significance and popularity of AI can be easily be concluded into a survey results have depicted that 80% of businesses will incorporate chatbots by the Q1 of 2020, that makes it ubiquitous trend to relocate resources and services for funding purposes and human based activities.

3. Inducement of Mobile BI

Mobile BI
Inducement of Mobile BI

Primarily, Mobile Business Intelligence (BI) is the capability to access BI related data including Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), business metrics and professional dashboards on mobile enabled devices. Basically, the concept of mobile was introduced in the early 1990s when the first mobile phone was launched in the global marketplace. The early generation promoters of mobile BI have immensely promoted the trend of mobiles to expand business-centric data and information to mobile and remote device users. But it wasn’t restricted until the dominance of smartphone that mobile BI started to gain widespread attention and entitlement to prosper in the consumer marketplace. The relevant features, facts and figures of Mobile BI are highlighted below:

  • Mobile BI allows SOA and Web 2.0 architecture and performance metrics.
  • Real time reports and modular approaches.
  • Integration of event segments and code efficiency.
  • Devises contextual data and generates greater data insights.
  • The actions are responded instantly without intervention and latency.

Today, BI tools and resources are widely used in the consumer marketplace that consists of complicated interfaces, software updates which are very important for the stakeholders and digital agencies to utilize these resources and further take advantage of distributing them into them in the marketplace to earn leads and to generate huge amount of ROI via digital marketing and business intelligence aspects.

4. Imparts Enhanced Security & Privacy Measures

enhanced security measures
Imparts enhanced security and privacy measures

Certainly, the evolution of business intelligence has led to rise of many technology innovations are not restricted to business intelligence used to provide benefit to the companies and their employees. Likewise, with the advancement of our digital knowledge and innovative technologies has unfortunately witnessed widespread cyber-attacks and potential threats involved in the modern age. Primarily, most of the companies are battling with security malfunctioning, data and information misuse, and other wide variety of other security issues. On the contrary, business intelligence will proceed ahead to assist companies via providing them information security and confidentiality measures with respect to responsiveness and efficiency aspects.

  • The integrated capabilities including privacy and security measures will enable organizations with competences by incorporating content analytics and other futuristic BI apps that will be released in 2020.
  • ERP & CRM systems incorporated in Online eCommerce development agencies will work more efficiently by implementing data analytics frameworks with improved data and network security measures by the Q2 of 2020.

The procedure of strict automation and more specific legal rules and regulations will be dealt for privacy, data gathering and storage purposes that combines legal ways to prompt actual solutions that will prevent users from data redundancy and block security threats, albeit when business intelligence is being paired with the professional practices and ethics to maintain our online presence as to make sure that all of the parties are treated properly and in the securable manner. Hence, new and enhanced security steps that involves data encryption standards and advanced encryption algorithms that will use multistep verification process that draws all the legal aspects meant for business to prosper in the business world.

5. Intelligent Data Analytics Will Revolutionize The Industry

Intelligent Data Analytics
Intelligent Data Analytics will revolutionize the industry

It is evident that BI collects and stores data and information with AI enabled aspects and techniques, but another essential role for internet marketing agencies that deals with technical marketing aspects such as providing effective website copywriting services to your potential clients around the globe.

  • Soon users would be able to access data using a widget in Slack app or analytics can also be implemented into an email conversation format.
  • Vendors are using multi-channel strategy to deliver analytical content using BI tools and techniques to measure data analytics and relevant aspects.

Most of the organizations in 2020 will use intelligent data analytics techniques and tools to perform data analysis, collect and target specific bits of information that are constituted in the form of client preferences to assist users to personalize content layout, presentation and relevant means used to recognize work patterns of your consumers by using tools to filter through the data in effective manner.

Wrap Up

In a nutshell, BI & AI trends will likely boost your target audiences to provide AI based solutions with business intelligence trends that will foster and reshape the attention seeking approach with customer satisfaction approaches to devise well-defined trends pertaining to various IT related services consisting of well-defined plans and trending resources includes service based web design companies that caters needs and business requirements of their target audience with a mere focus to devise consistency and reliability to businesses with the power of business intelligence and relevant aspects that boost your brand identity to the next level.


Data Center Network Trends for 2020

Data Center Network Trends
Data Center Network Trends for 2020

With the rapid advancement in the field of computing has led to the emergence of network & data centers around the globe. In this modern era, data center networking trends would possibly change rapidly with the evolution of latest technologies to merge existing infrastructure and malicious practices. However, data center and relevant organizations are quite essential as their data solutions will carefully monitor data center and networking trends that would possibly impact their long-term business strategy to promote their business to the next level.

The data center will possibly enable you to integrate multiple IT operations in your business segment, and a data center is a great tool for storing and sharing of information from multiple aspects. But if you fail to take into account for these future data center trends would possibly leave their network infrastructure to meet ultimate challenges of the upcoming days. Hence, in this article, we have discussed about the latest trends pertaining to data center network expected in 2020.

1. Customization of Network & Data Center Providers 

Data Center Providers
Customization of Network & Data Center Providers

It is expected that in the upcoming years, network & data center providers will strive to meet the heavy workloads demands of the next-generation applications and latest IT architectures in critical business services. There will be an extensive demand of smart interconnected micro data centers.

The researchers have investigated that data centers would be developed in mostly cell towers and local offices. The enterprises will primarily continue to modernize their data centers resources through updates to existing facilities and for the implementation of modern facilities and technologies in professional workplaces.

2. Hybrid Cloud & IT Procedures 

IT Procedures
Hybrid Cloud & IT Procedures

By the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, 70% of the enterprises that are primarily associated with the digital transformation efforts will be quite affordable to interpret business requirements into effective IT investments and resources. However, this will be a massive transition from the human efforts to the machinery-based aspects.

Primarily, organizations will be bound to only those individuals who have updated skill sets needed to build digital supply chain methods and management procedures. It seems like a decentralized extension of the campus networks, smart cellular networks, and cloud-based data-centric networks.

3. The Growth of 5G Will Drastically Increase

growth of 5G
Growth of 5G Will Drastically Increase

There is a great demand of 5G in the consumer industry, and it will be increased rapidly in 2020 to the next level. Significantly, 5G technology is expected to become one of the most promising internet connections with its enhanced speed, consistency, and durability. Further, it’s quite true that it will take certain years for this technology to be completely available for the people to use in the marketplace.

Subsequently, the evolution of 5G technology will primarily support organizations to consider their network flexibility and develop certain apps that will be capable of taking relative advantages of the potential technologies with a mere focus to provide quality standards to the consumer market.

4. Improving Social Networks For Establishing Businesses

Social networks to establishing businesses
Improving Social Networks For Establishing Businesses

It is expected that by the end of 2020 over 50% of the companies are anticipated to spend their valuable earnings on improving their business model to upgrade their network platforms, computers, and relevant storage mechanism. This will primarily assist them to organize their data confidentially and the relevant information will become readily available for commercial marketplace with a mere focus on consistency and reliability.

It must be noted that investing finances in your startup businesses, technology firms and relevant trends is a greater way to grow their profits in the company. With the growing technological trends and its relevant equipment, you can certainly speed up various procedures and enhances the overall productivity of your startup businesses, web design services companies, and organizations. For Example, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp will receive instant updates for multiple purposes to devise new solutions with the integration of business models in the marketplace or tech industry.

5. Improving Businesses Via Latest Computing Machinery

Latest computing machinery
Improving Businesses Via Latest Computing Machinery

The latest investigation performed by researchers have explored that by the end of the year, 2019 over 70% of the multinational companies that are primarily conducting digital business will have the power to transform their business requirements into IT investments to gain improved results on their capital involvements.

Furthermore, you will primarily notice a major transition from manual labor to machinery power because a lot of companies will implement the use of AI in their business models and processes. Likewise, most of the organizations will be looking for individuals who can primarily devise supply chain management for their businesses as companies will also improve performance metrics at a minimal cost price and become more efficient in their operational procedures and business aspects to monitor their insights with a mere focus to provide customer satisfaction.

6. Improved Security Prospects

Security Prospects
Improved Security Prospects

It is evident that security will be a major issue in 2020 that will provide a detailed idea of larger hacks. With the integration of IoT and data security trends, the threat enhancement will rapidly increase in this modern age. You can also incorporate your knowledge and skill enhancement techniques to improve cybersecurity measures and it is estimated that there will be more than 3.5 million job openings for Information Security Specialists by the end of 2021.

Furthermore, it is expected that advanced security methods, techniques, tools, and general data protection regulation (GDPR) will be implemented in each data center industry in the Q1 of 2020. The latest research depicts that cloud security model and high-performance network security platforms will be incorporated in modern data centers by 2020 around the globe. Nowadays, most of the web development firms are incorporating cloud and hybrid storage mechanism to drive huge chunks of data to provide responsiveness and efficiency in the development phase. Hence, Data Centers will keep on facilitating services to relinquish workloads where IT professionals can perform best practices in a securable way.


Certainly, data center networks trends are improving dramatically around the globe. The major influence of rapidly growing technologies has given rise to technological advancements in the area of network security and information management across the global consumer market, and it is expected to grow in the near future. Hence, it is proven that data centers are playing a vital role in various dimensions of Information Technology.


Top 4 Voice Search Trends For 2020

Voice Search Trends
Top 4 Voice Search Trends for 2020

With the advancement of technology has led to the rise of voice-enabled assistants by the year 2011, with the introduction of Siri, no one could have foreseen that this innovative technology would become a fore frontier for technology-based innovation. After eight years later, it has been estimated that nearly 6 million American users can easily purchase smart speakers like Google Home, Amazon Echo and eMarketer has predicted that over 100 million of smartphone users will be using voice search assistants by Q3 of 2019.

However, prominent brand such as Amazon and Google are enduring to fuel this trend as they compete for market share. Primarily, voice interfaces are primarily advancing at an exponential rate in all industries of all categories that primarily ranges from banking, healthcare and education, as most of the IT companies that deals with website copywriting services and relevant trends are stepping ahead to release their voice-based integration devices to keep a planned pace with the business requirements and needs of target consumers. Hence, in this article we have listed about top 4 voice search trends for 2020.

1. Significant Development of Voice Search

Big development in voice search technology
Significant development of voice search

With the emergence of digital voice assistants and voice search trends has played a vital role in maintaining the daily routine tasks of your targeted consumers. The most prominent examples of digital voice assistants include Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana and Blackberry Assistant.

Most Importantly, the above-mentioned technology support assistants are available in the form of smartphones, CCTV cameras, TVs and relevant home entertainment devices. The recent statistics and estimates have measured that over 77% of Americans use smartphones that are equipped with a voice assistant. With handheld devices especially smartphones possess an integrated voice assistant that enables you to search for information related to business dealings at any timeframe.

  • The latest report has highlighted that over 32% of consumers use smart speakers that includes Google Home & Amazon Echo.
  • Another report states that 72% of targeted consumers familiar with voice assistants use them for voice searching aspects.
  • Voice Assistants are useful for families having young children with an income less $100000.

2. Improving the Experience of Online Search

Enhance Online Search Experience
Improving the Experience of Online Search

It is a proven fact that the trend of voice search is constantly increasing, but the question arises that how actually it directly impacts the online search. Primarily, to find out that you can look for how customers will primarily use these tools and resources.

  • It has been estimated that vast majority of 89% of customers uses voice assistants for search purposes.
  • Primarily, the research highlights that over 88% of customers uses Q&A format that consists of professional information and consistent durability.
  • Most of the consumers prefer voice search instead of traditional textual searches that comprises of over 71% target consumers highlights that prefers you to use search.

Hence, the changing needs of consumers have greatly impacted in a way that voice assistants will primarily improve the way of search aspects. Google has reported that over 20% of mobile user searches and vice versa etc. Albeit the ratio of percentage will seemingly rise as more voice assistants are implemented to the voice enabled devices. Thus, more than 30% of voice searches has been expected to be directed without using any digital screen by the Q1 of 2020.

3. Comprehensive Agility of Voice Search Devices

Voice Search Devices
Comprehensive Agility of Voice Search Devices

It must be noted that the smart speakers are not only devices that drives adoption of voice enabled searches. In this regard, anyone with a smartphone knows that voice search is more reliable than traditional devices in all aspects related to conversion and communication purposes. Google’s voice-enabled searches has primarily reported on mobile devices is now available in more than 100 languages.

  • Google has reported that over 20% of searches on its apps and Android devices used to performed voice searches.
  • It has been reported that almost 70% of the voice searches are performed usingRapid-Changing-in-Search-Engine-Behaviors informational languages.
  • Google Speech Recognition technology has an 95% accuracy rate in those regions where English is widely spoken.

Hence, this trend has been growing intensively with the advancement in the dimensions of Artificial Intelligence and Computing such as responsive web design services and relevant trends with a mere focus on voice enabled speech recognition technology, machine learning techniques and natural language processing.

4. Rapid Changing in Search Engine Behaviors

Change in Search Engine Behaviors
Rapid Changing in Search Engine Behaviors

The concept of Voice Search has been thoroughly discussed by experts with regards to the visibility of voice that will be continuous challenge for potential users and targeted consumers. This prediction is based on the multiple facts and figures pertaining to usability experiences, this is because the user interface communication with voice assistant is missing a link between conversion of either transmitter end or receive end. Primarily, users cannot witness or touch a voice interface until it is connected to Alexa or Google Assistant app. Instantly, your search behaviors will primarily see a great impact.

  • If tech-based research firms are correct, voice-based ad revenue would possibly reach over $19 billion by the end of 2022.
  • According to the latest reports that over 50% of searches will be performed via voice searches by the end of 2020.

Nowadays, brands are now focusing on transition in which touch points are transforming to listening points and organic search will be held in the significant way. As, voice searches are growing rapidly with regards to popularity, rise of eCommerce development agencies, in this regard digital marketers are expected in Google and Amazon will primarily function as a platform in a supplementary form of paid messages and email marketing techniques.

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Wrap Up

Certainly, it has been proven that investing in a voice search optimization is constantly increasing to enhance brand awareness campaigns, online storage and purchase revenue aspects of startup businesses or established firms that are providing professional services like mobile web development services to their target audiences. Similarly, based on latest reports it has been estimated that voice searches financial aspects have be resulted into $1.3 billion in Amazon, and it is further expected that the ratio is going to be increased to $40 billion by the end of Q1 of 2022. In a nutshell, it is proven that the trends associated with voice searches will revolutionize the lives of people via providing exceptional services to reach their business to the next level.

Historical Perspective of the World Wide Web

History of WWW
History of World Wide Web


Certainly, it’s proven that World Wide Web has played a huge impact in our lives, it has cultivated our living standards and daily routine tasks in a conducive and manageable way. It is an evident fact that most of the multinational organization, business sectors, large and medium-sized companies, and IT firms are dependent on the Internet and the World Wide Web. In this regard, we can easily understand the importance of the World Wide Web and the Internet.

It must be noted that the World Wide Web (WWW) is a consortium global communication medium that allows users to easily read, write and execute useful information using computer intercommunicated to the Internet, either wired or wireless i.e. LAN, WAN or Wi-Fi enabled mediums. Basically, WWW is an Internet-based service, which works on some set of rules often regarded as protocols, which helps users to transfer files, documents or any other useful information via the Internet in a best possible way.

Furthermore, the notion of WWW is flourishing with the passage of time as newer implementations and technologies are being released for the advancement of WWW and Internet. Usually, the world wide web is used through web browser software including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opera, etc. Hence, by using browsers one can access the digital libraries consisting of research papers, magazines, journals, articles, whitepapers, e-books, news, tutorials, and blogs stored in the form of webpages and websites content on your computers everywhere in the world performed by web-servers. Nowadays, millions of people are using web pages or websites are implemented to the world wide web with trillions of pages accessed in 24/7 time zone. Hence, in this article, we have thoroughly discussed about the beginning and historical background of the World Wide Web with the latest research and investigation performed by scientists and researchers of the world.

The Emergence of WWW

The Emergence of World Wide Web
The Emergence of WWW

In 1980, Tim Berners Lee used to work as an English independent contractor at European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Switzerland manufactured a database for users for software process models, termed as ENQUIRE, it also seemingly performed functionality as a method to organize hypertexts, in such a way that each new pages is interconnected with other pages if there exits useful information in the system, ENQUIRE.

In 1989, WWW was invented by a Leading British computer scientist, Tim Berners Lee. While he was finding out a new way for scientists and researchers will easily share the data or information from their experimentations and strategic techniques. However, the Internet and hypertext were already existing at that time but no one was aware of the fact to use the internet to properly link one document or file to another. Also, Berners Lee wrote a detailed business proposal in the month of March 1989 that focused on a large amount of hypertext database consisting of typed links. Significantly, this proposal influenced some sort of impact factor, in this regard his boss, Mike Sendall encouraged him to implement his system based on the newly purchased NeXT workstation. In this way, the concept of the World Wide Web was coined by Tim Berners Lee at that time.

In 1990, Berner’s Lee along with this colleague Robert Calliau presented his idea in the European Conference on the concept of Hypertext Technology in the month of September 1990, but sadly, they didn’t get any vendor who would appreciate and motivate him with his visionary idea of merging hypertext with the Internet and WWW.

Later, in the month December, 1990, Berners Lee developed all the necessary tools and resources for a proper functioning of the web, popularly known as Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) version 0.9 along with the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), which a scripting language used by the first web browser named WorldWideWeb, which was also referred as Web Editor. The first HTTP server software later referred to as CERN httpd, the first web server with a URL protocol i.e. CERN along with the first Web pages that clearly described the concept of the project accurately.

Initially, the browser could only access Usenet newsgroups and FTP files and documents only, and these resources were executed on NeXT and in this regard Nicola Pellow developed a simplistic textual web browser, popularly known as Line Mode Browser, the main advantage of this browser was that it was executable on almost every computer available in the laboratory of the institute, workplace or office.

Later, On August 6th, 1991, Tim Berner’s Lee shared a short conclusion of the project, World Wide Web (WWW) on the hypertext newsgroups with the purpose of inviting collaborators. The date is often synonymous and confused with the public availability of the first web servers, which were introduced a few months earlier than this event. Later, In the month of September 1991, leading physicist and computer scientist, named Paul Kunz from SLAC had a visit at CERN and was very much impressed by the conceptualization and functional aspects of the world wide web. In the meanwhile, he shifted NeXT software app back to SLAC, and immediately the librarian Louise Addis occupied it  for the IBM’s virtual machine operating system (OS) for their IBM Mainframe which seemed like a possible way to display SLAC’s set of online documents and files available on the WWW, basically, this proved to be the first web server in North America.

In 1992, the computerization and networking section of CERN’s, which was chaired by David Williams didn’t appreciated the work of Tim Berners Lee, in this regard, a multipage email was sent by Williams that was an attachment to provide evaluation remarks on the work of Berners Lee, with a clear motive of creating a facility to share information that were regarded as comments or results from experiments of CERN to the scientific forums and community, and it was not supposed as a core approachability of CERN and was quite misdirected of CERN’s IT equipment and resources.

With this reaction, Tim Berners Lee resigned from CERN regardless of his colleagues and caretakers in the IT center that were always ready to encourage him for his support and assistance, especially M. Ben Segal from the distributed system SHIFT project also claimed to provide support to Lee. Later, he also left MIT, where he initially started to develop HTTP. In the same year, the first web server outside Europe was implemented at Stanford University in the US. Also, all of the earliest generations of web server had been implemented in Europe, this was the first step to integrate web servers in American organization. The statistical measures reported that there were only 10 web servers in the world by 1992.

In 1993, CERN provided allowed every user to use web protocols and programs for free. Similarly, the digital technologies that were used to establish a world wide web, that means that the concept of open-source platforms was also coined at that time. Perhaps, users started to develop websites for online businesses and personal usage. Also, the ratio of web servers increased to the amount of 50 across the world by January 1993. Likewise, In April 1993, the WWW technology was readily available for someone to use on royalty-free occasions and basis. Later on, by October 1993 the ratio of web servers was increased over 500 web servers online. Earlier, In July 1993, the Wharton School published the first collection of PDFs and it was emphasized in Adobe 1995’s annual reports pertaining to the use of PDFs on the world wide web.

In 1994, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) was introduced by Tim Berner’s Lee. This organization that assures that the WWW continues to provide web development and relevant services to their target audiences. In the same year, cellular and telecommunication companies started to provide internet access to the people around the world. Mostly, the access to the WWW started to become available in workplaces and homes of the people, also the number of web servers was increased to ratio of the 623.  Also, the release of the Mosaic web browser were allowed users to explore multimedia platforms on online business and relevant platforms. The concept of Search Engine was also coined in the month of 1993, albeit early search engines were quite primitive, manual and mostly indexed with only headers and text. Significantly, in 1994, the concept of Web Crawler was introduced that captured the insights of the entire pages of indexing active websites.

Modern Era of the World Wide Web

Modern Era of the WWW
Modern Era of the World Wide Web

With the advancement of technology, the presence of the world wide web is rapidly changing at a planned pace. The early websites were made up of simple pages of such words and images, which seems bit alike of online books, journals or magazines. Later, to design a webpage you will have to write logic codes on HTML.

Beginning of Web 2.0 and its Current Perspective

In 1999, WWW saw a massive enhancement as the concept of Web 2.0 was Introduced, and the demand of users was increased and more interactions and clicks were reported from the sites they usually visited on daily basis and the result was typically referred as Web 2.0 as a social internet platform.

Web 2.0 is characterized by internet websites, social media platforms, user-engaging content, multimedia technologies, embedded apps, and online sharing collaborations. It is the concept of the web in which site owners and their target audiences with continuous interaction, the average users can also provide content providers and visitors that were able to create a unique, personal online experience. However, the procedure of how people use the web has changed constantly, but the concept of technologies is still based on a similar idea, many technologies that ran the first webpages are still used worldwide.

Evolution of Social Media Trends

Since early time period, the world wide web was seen as a social concept that connected communities of researchers and scientists from all over the world. During that time period, companies also began experimenting with specialized social networks such as, where users can easily interconnect as who already had an existing connection to reunite and perform for online communication.

Later, in 2002, the company Friendster was introduced to social networking as it is noted that the users who are already working but to build latest relationships via common friends and interests.

In 2003, Myspace and LinkedIn have primarily joined the social networking area, the perspective of these platforms was to target teenagers and young adults by providing flash-based customization, music integration, and pre-built blogging approach, and in this regard MySpace became popular with social media approaches providing relevant services to millions of users around the globe.

Later, in 2004 social media became a revolutionary approach with the arrival of Facebook, initially, it was only restricted to college students for two years. After the public release, the website rapidly reached to thousands of millions of users worldwide, and today it has crossed over 1.5 billion active users by each month. Hence, the incredible success of these early pioneers led to the rise of new social media outlets such as Pinterest, Tumblr, and Twitter.

Likewise, with the combination with the power of media, social networks have primarily also included services such as Airbnb, Uber, and Careem, permitting users to provide services usually only available through large businesses directly to one another.

Job Roles in the Internet & Web

Jobs in the Internet & Web
Job Roles in the Internet & Web

Since, the evolvement of the World Wide Web and Internet, multiple job roles were introduced related to the industrial development consisting of human resources and recruitment procedures. The IT sector always focuses on technical and managerial positions in multinational organizations, software houses, and reputable organizations. The role of IT is involved in every sector whether it maybe healthcare, banking, oil & gas, education and many more. During the late 1990s and early 2000s, the job role was initially focused on software and hardware manufacturing including data entry analyst, computer operator, programmer, IT support engineer and Network Administrator.

In this era, the whole era is changed and latest developments in the field of IT including web and internet has drastically improved within certain time period and in future it will definitely cultivate the lives of people with the evolvement of latest technologies and job roles involved in multidimensional industries such as digital marketing agencies,

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