Beginners Guide: How to Develop A Website Using WordPress?

As we all know that WordPress is the most popular content management system preferred by the bloggers. However, WordPress isn’t all about blogging, as it is a complete CMS, developers use WordPress to create amazing websites for their company and target audiences. The recent reports indicate that WordPress is used by over 30% of top websites as of March 2018 and as well it is the most popular blogging platform used on the web with more than 409 million of viewers as of August 2018.

If you are planning to launch a website for your small-scale business, but you assume that it’ll be quite complicated and time consuming, you don’t have to worry about it. Setting up a basic WordPress website is quite easy and flexible. Moreover, people can start creating a website from scratch and complete it with a mere of 30 minutes, Astonishing right? Yes, it is possible to create a functional website without any training or special skillset. Hence, Webby Giants being a leading Web Design and Development Company in US and also working to deliver a full-fledged WordPress web hosting platform to deliver improved web hosting services for their clients.

However, there are plenty of free hosting platforms available in the marketplace. The Self-Hosting options available on provides an insight to the small business owners and entrepreneurs to take control over whole website. If you aren’t sure about which strategy to adopt, spend considerable time to review difference with other strategic approaches. Because you’ll be required to choose a website hosting service provider to make perfect use of WordPress. Here, we have explained the sequential procedure of creating a website using WordPress.

1. Select a Domain Name

Your domain name is what makes people to type URL on the browser to redirect to the website. However, it’s a matter of fact to choose a tremendous name and pick a domain that represents your brands identity and makes it simpler for visitors to find your website. Choosing a domain name is a thought-provoking task. In this article we have listed some of the steps you must consider while choosing a domain name.

  • Make it simple and concise: – Choose a domain name that is quite simple, concise and easy to read and understand. It improves the user’s chances of typing your website address correctly on the browser.
  • Appropriate for placement of website content: Always make sure that your domain name has certain relevancy with your website content. Alongside, you can also implement keywords on the same domain name if it’s signifies the basic requirements.
  • Selection of appropriate domain extension: Technically, domain extension is a suffix such as .com, .net, .org, .edu etc. which is implemented at the end of web addresses. They comprise of a particular meaning such as .com for commercial, .org for organizations, and .net for network. These three extensions are one of the most widely used extensions which you can use as per the categorization of your website, though, .com is always a preferable option.

2. Get WordPress Hosting

The next step you’ll have to figure out the best WordPress hosting service which meets your needs. There are various web hosting services pertaining to different types of WordPress hosting plans you should always consider:

A- Shared Hosting: Cheapest hosting plan, with shared hosting, multiple websites share the same IP address and resources of the server including memory, hard disk space, and the bandwidth.

Pros of Shared Hosting:

  • Responsive Feedback.
  • Budget Friendly Plans & Packages.

Cons of Shared Hosting:

  • Limited Memory Space.
  • Limited Speed and Security.

B- Virtual Private Server (VPS): By considering VPS plan, you’ll be provided with certain positioning of server resources. You will have to enable sharing with other VPS users but there would be limited users, instead of a shared plan.

Pros of VPS:

  • Improved Security.
  • Option of gaining more resources anytime as your business expands.

Cons of VPS:

  • Expensive for small and medium sized businesses.

 C- Dedicated Hosting Service: WordPress dedicated hosting service is quite expensive plan. Although, all the server resources are dedicated to a single individual user.

Pros of DHS:

  • Complete Storage Mechanism.
  • Bandwidth Supportability.
  • Complete control over resources.
  • Enhanced Security.

Cons of DHS:

  • Expensive plan for small and medium sized businesses.
  • Inadequate Responsiveness.

D- Managed WordPress Hosting: Managed WordPress Hosting is considered as hosting as well as WordPress management system providing some essential WordPress resources and tools. Essentially, it is only specific resource for WordPress Platform.

Pros of Managed WordPress Hosting:

  • WordPress-Centralized Hosting Platform.
  • Easier Implementation.

Cons of Managed WordPress Hosting:

  • Expensive for Small and Medium Sized Businesses.
  • Inadequate Responsiveness.

3. How to install WordPress?

The most vital step is to install WordPress which requires a careful situation along with some technical knowledge and resources on the users end. Albeit, it’s a greater source of pleasure that most of the web hosting companies are implementing and hosting WordPress Platform.

Moreover, all the renowned web hosting companies offers 1-click WordPress installation enabling you to install the latest version of WordPress in short span of time.

Likewise, you’ll just have to sign up with Site Ground hosting, you’ll get Site ground Wizard for installation of WordPress. In order to install WordPress on your SiteGround Hosting, you’ll have to access your customer centric resources initially.

Steps to install WordPress:

  • Initially, you’ll be required to get logged in to your SiteGround hosting customer area, and then a pop-up window will be depicted as output screen namely “Welcome to our Website Setup Wizard!”.
  • Now, you’ll be required to check ‘Get WordPress Account Preinstalled on this account’ and click on “Proceed” option.
  • Now, a setup page will appear where you will be required to insert login information such as email address, username and password for making backup of WordPress backend processing information.
  • Further, select any available theme for free and click on ‘submit’ option.

Further Information can be obtained from “SiteGround”.

4. Hands-on Experience with WordPress Dashboard

WordPress Dashboard is the backend of your WordPress website from where you can access your website’s content and modify the website. You will see the WordPress dashboard after you have successfully login to your WordPress Website with the user credentials that are needed within the WordPress setup.

Precisely, WP Dashboard is simple and user-friendly which depicts important options comprising of home, updates, posts, pages, comments, appearance, plugins, user, tools, settings and collapse menu.

5. WordPress Themes & Templates

The design of WordPress mainly depends on the WordPress themes and templates. It must be kept into consideration that a theme provides overall illustrated design of your WordPress website along with several modification options and specifications. Hence, it works as the design of the WordPress website.

However, the official WordPress website defines as a WordPress theme as ‘the collection of files that work altogether to produce a graphical interface with an underlying unifying design for a weblog’.

6. WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are important tools for implementing and extending functioning of your website. The official website shows that WordPress Plugins offers complete functionalities and features so that each user can adapt their website to their standard requirements. WordPress plugins allows you to additional features and functioning of your WordPress website. They are very helpful as you can implement which aren’t provided in the theme.

7. WordPress Security

The most crucial thing for website owners cannot afford to ignore is referred as Website Security. Likewise, WordPress is used as an increasing number of responsive website development services and users, such as the appearance WordPress security threats. Moreover, it is important to take care of your security aspects of your WordPress website.

However, there are certain steps that you can use to protect your WordPress website from security measures and attacks. It’s important to maintain your websites login page, admin page to protect your websites from brute-force attacks and violent threats. Apart, from using the WordPress themes and plugins from authentic and reliable sources that helps you to keep your site safe from viruses, threats and spams.

Further Information can be obtained from “15 Simple WordPress Security Tips to keep your Site Secure in 2019

8. WordPress SEO

The most user-friendly SEO platform is WordPress, it has well-structured SEO optimized structure. Therefore, SEO is an essential aspect to be considered if you select WordPress as your website platform. There are several SEO plugins which assists you to improve your WordPress SEO in greater aspects such as Yoast SEO, SEO Ultimate and many more.

9. WordPress Support

WordPress is a free open source software having enormous worldwide community across the globe. However, you may attain several utmost WordPress services, resources, tutorials and technical documentation available online. Furthermore, there exists thousands of WordPress specialists in professional web design services actively participating on WordPress community forums that are solely dedicated to solve issues and provided WordPress support and assistance to the users.

10. Web Analytics

Lastly, Web Analytics would be an essential resource to be undertaken by the website’s owner. After successfully spending so much efforts for the development of a website, you are also required to know your websites performance metrics. Therefore, Website Analytics is an important tool that makes you aware of your website traffic, website’s content, conversion rate and many more.

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