8 Top Programming Languages for Web Development in 2019

With the rapid advancement in the field of computing has led to the emergence of enormous software products, web applications and much more. However, the core element behind this productivity is programming. Previously, it was a delusion that few people were considered as programmers or software engineers and the public would personalize them at climax position.

Nowadays, a wide range of IT jobs requires sufficient amount of programming skills in any one or more programming languages. Whether you want to pursue a career in mobile application development, desktop application development, game development or web development, you’ll have to master any programming language.

Significantly, Internet has been evolving since decades resulting in rapid enhancement in the development of websites and web applications etc.  Most of the companies are constantly working on web design services to produce utmost websites and web applications for their target audiences.

Moreover, Web Development encompasses wide variety of programming languages, databases and communication networks integrated in a single dimensional bulk to facilitate and make people aware of the latest technological happenings in the market sector. Hence, in this article we have thoroughly discussed about top 8 programming languages that will revolutionize web development industry in 2019.

1. Python

Python is considered as one of the most widely used high level programming languages. With the wide range of standard library along with implementation feature python has become a top most choice for data analysts & developers. Python has several industrial applications, you’ll most probably figure out python in the development of web applications, websites, desktop applications, machine learning, data analysis, networking and many more.

Python comprises of several built-in APIs and back end services for measuring security or URL reliability. Several Web Development frameworks such as Django, Pyramid, Turbo Gear and Flash have earned massive success and popularity in the industry.

2. Rust

Rust is relatively a new system programming language that is revolutionizing the software industry. Rust was introduced in 2018 at Stackoverflow Developers survey for software developers and intended audiences. It was originally compiled and developed by Mozilla Foundation and is regarded as low-level programming language, appropriate for performance critical insights. The history of rust indicates that rust is developed to avoid the problematic situations of dangling pointers, buffer overflows, syntax errors or memory errors etc.

3. Java

Since decades, Java is considered as the most popular object-oriented programming language. Initially, it was developed by a German computer scientist named James Gosling of Sun Microsystems in the year 1991.

Technically, Java is platform independent language, as the famous statement says “Write Once Run Anywhere” defines the insight that makes java more valuable and reliable language. it’s Java Virtual Machine (JVM) makes it a cross platform compatible. Precisely, the recent report indicates that still java is considered as the top 5 markup and programming language in the market.

4. Go

Go is an open source programming language similar to Python. Google took inspiration from python and developed their own programming language with simpler syntax similar to python providing more efficient resources similar to C/C++. It is reported that Go provides better features and improved resources to write concurrent programs.

Nowadays, there is a rapid increase in productivity of multicore apps, in this matter Go programming language works very well as it comprises of built-in support of concurrency. This programming language amalgamates all the best aspects of functional and OOP based programming languages, featuring a valuable collection of built-in development tools pertaining to web development services, desktop apps services and many more.

5. JavaScript

JavaScript is considered to be high level, interpreted and object-oriented programming language, that is capable of inducing behavior in your webpages. Significantly, JavaScript is lightweight and plays a vital role in front-end development. Mostly, social media platforms have reported that JavaScript provides an intuitive way to develop static and dynamic web pages smoothly.

JavaScript features multi-browsing compatibility and has quite flexible syntax structure. Being a front-end development language, it is also used in various popular framework such as AngularJS, Node.js and React.js. According to the stats of 2018, it is reported that JavaScript is one of the top programming languages which is stepping forward in the game development, Internet of Things and Robotics.

6. TypeScript

It’s an open source programming language designed and developed by Microsoft. TypeScript Programming Language took inspiration from JavaScript. Basically, TypeScript is primarily used for creating projects comprising of large-scale application development. In 2018, typescript captured the attention of large developers’ community. Although, this language is not only used for front-end development, currently, it is used for developing hybrid mobile applications, artificial neural networks and programming AI enabled robots.

7. C#

C# is a dominant programming language for developing applications ranging from windows applications, web-based applications, mobile applications and other natives of Microsoft Platforms. The syntax structure of C# is derived from C/C++ syntax, it makes easier to proceed with this language if you are quite aware of C/C++ Family.

Precisely, C# comprises of ASP.NET Framework, which is commonly used for building websites and web-based applications enabling web developers to attain rapid application development strategy to build web-based applications.

Moreover, if you are interested in VR development then you should prefer learning C#. C# is recommended language for the development of 2D and 3D video games using Unity 3D platform, which produces top rated 3D video games in the marketplace.

8. PHP

PHP is a most popular server-side scripting language around the globe. It has always been a progressive and constantly up-gradable provided that the in-line code snippets are implemented in static HTML files.

Further, PHP has incorporated several web frameworks such as Laravel, Code Igniter and Symphony etc. Making it an ideal platform for professional web developers and efficient programmers.

In this modern era, web design and development companies such as Webby Giants are focusing on these languages to create a website for our clients. However, it’s very important for beginners to learn and update with all these programming language if they are interested to continue our career in this field.


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