7 Web Design Trends to Watch in 2019

We have almost entered into 2019 And with the new year comes advanced online trends which include the evolving area of UX web design. I believe if you have a look at the previous few months and your experience with websites, you would be possibly able to think of a handful that stood out to you based on their simple interface and attractive layout. The same happens for the websites you have a bad experience with they stood out to you and leave a negative impression with a brand.

In this extensive and saturated digital era, better user experience and creative web design services are not something unique- they are normal. Thus, we have highlighted the UX and web design trends we thought will have a significant influence on the web development companies. One trend you are going to notice within the article is the fact that web design companies will use videos and movements to grab the attention of users and make users stay on the page for the longer period.

Web Design Trend #1: Rotating Animations

The idea of keeping users engaged to your website is altering your content. The WebbyGiants keeps their users engaged with the website for the longer time period. They have creative and new brand videos which users find attractive and tend to stay on the webpage for the longer period. The top web trend in 2019 is to introduce the rotating titles of blogs or beeps on the websites as well. According to Forbes, video graphics medium has been a successful strategy to keep users engaged to the website in 2018. This web trend has much potential that cannot be taken lightly. These options could leave users with a unique experience on your website every time they visit.

Web Design Trend #2: Non-Traditional Scrolling

As you might have noticed that web development companies playing with the various scrolling tactics to create an amazing web experience for users. Rather than simple vertical scrolling that has been used since decades, web trends have been evolved to have horizontal website scrolling to grab the attention of the user. You might have noticed that web design trends have altered from conventional scrolling through concentrating on various sections of the web development as users scroll. You will get to see some exciting changes in web design trends in 2019 with non-conventional scrolling web technology trends by web development companies.

Web Design Trend #3: Designs Containing Gradients

As we can take the example of Instagram when they have altered their logo to the magenta gradient, it is definitely noticeable now. It was a unique approach at the time, but the decision to rejuvenate gradients influenced a complete design and has now considered as the most engaging design trend in 2019. One more example of unique web design is stripe’s website.

Web Design Trend #4: Chatbot Trend

We have already noticed a few web technology trends in 2019 for the future of chatbots, which is significant for web development companies to implement. Let’s have a look into these expectations apart and search for some gems to work with. This trend is likely to be the top web design trend in 2019. You might have noticed that while surfing internet many web developers are now focusing to integrate chatbot in websites which gives a chance to chat with the representative.

Adding this option to the website can enable users to ask their questions and get the answers spontaneously. At the same time, it becomes difficult for the websites to have someone to answer the queries of the users is difficult. In 2019 web technology trends will alter and Artificial Intelligence will be the solution.

The idea is natural language programming or NLP. The NLP is a special kind of programming that enables the chatbot to answer in whole sentences that flow easily. Utilizing more particular local languages and enabling for pauses or small sounds make it easy for the customer that they are communicating with another person. The idea of NLP makes customer service simple for everyone involved. Web development trends in 2019 will be improved more to make websites user-friendly.

Web Design Trend #5: Adding More Depth to Designs

Augmenting more depth to designs can make the websites unique. Web development services will likely to focus more on web design with complete drop shadows and different colors increase the depth and give the websites a more sophisticated look. Some of the most popular tactics to increase the depth to web designs involve using drop shadows, gradients or two-tone color schemes.

Web Design Trend #6: UX-Driven Diagonal Lines

In previous years, the trend of using straight, horizontal lines to isolate sections on the website’s pages. After researching on UX on the topic, it has been observed that utilizing diagonal design can not only visually intrigue, but it forms a directional goal for the user’s attention to stay on the page or to point to call to action. Utilizing diagonals in web design trend can augment the number of users that scroll through the whole website.


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