This blog is the world of Websites and its interlinked traits is what we tend to discuss in our series of blogs. Here we tend to discuss about different topics including reasons why a website is needed, what kind of website can work best for your business and much more

While thinking a lot and brain storming previously, we tried to ascertain reasons why did Websites come into existence. Like why would someone need to spend so much on a mere website?

And If you are thinking why should a small business need a website too like yours, trust us we have figured that out too.

After a lot of mind juggling and pondering, we finally listed down a few reasons as to Why you need a website for your business?

Reasons mentioned below will have you take a closer look to why are Websites Needed!


Remember times when there was a new outlet launch in your vicinity and you spotted different salesmen standing by the bus spot distributing brochures? What next – thrown in trash bins were those crisp sad flyers? Perhaps, they were less attractive or did not catch customers eye.

Having a website tip-toes traditional marketing methods. An online brochure too is what your website can serve for you as. Even if you tell someone about a brand, all they inquire is “Share with us their website”. Its all because everything is now easily available on your finger-tips.

Believe us or not, with websites you also will have less stuff to worry about – It can accommodate as many pages and products for you to market as you want.

Plus, with the SEO features it helps you getting identified on search engines quite easily.



Would you ever make a buy from someone apparently running a clothing business and upon asking for their website they say No! We don’t have one. Or maybe it will be jaw-dropping for you if they said we too got no Facebook page. This isn’t something acceptable or rather is fishy.

Customers intent to buy from brands/stores that stand with credibility. Now where does that come from?

Suppose if you can access easily to the website of your favorite clothing brand, it has you assured that you can simply find them at any time. It’s like them shouting and quoting “We are here whenever, wherever”. Thus, even getting a defected item won’t have you worried. Just because they are right there, just a click away.

Being present online in today’s world is kind of a check for customers – Authenticity check is what you can name it as. Plus, it gets you credibility from those who stand out loyal.



A friend of ours just started with his business. Upon inquiring about his goals, one set as priority was “I need a website”.

We knew that was kind of important but listed as number 1 priority? It had us intrigued why! And so, to kill that we asked him again, why was that so important?

Astonishing was what we got to hear. “I want my customers to easily get a hold of how to get to us. Through websites, they can chat with us live, email us or simply get the UAN number and connect”, he said.

Indeed, customers are your pillars. They make your business grow beyond your expectations. Hence, all the support has to be there for them, right?

Websites offer varied features like Chatbots, Email Addresses, Office Addresses, Telephone number etc. for those looking to contact in case of an emergency.



Websites are not to be renewed entirely if any editions or changes are to be made. In Built features give you the space to amend and update information on pages without as hassle at any time. Just instruct your website developer and its done.

Like a someone once said “Website design is a onetime investment and that too a long term one!”

It’s because all you have to put in as an investment is the first time you are getting it made to reach out to your customers. And done. After that, all of a sudden even if you need some additions to be made, it won’t even cost you a dime.



We all work to earn. Similarly, we all invest for maximum returns. And how can one expect getting maximum returns? By advertising more and targeting maximum number of audiences.

Your website is your outlets gateway. Audience peeping out of that window are just a knock away. Once they are in, its just your graphs growing and increasing with the purchases they make online.

And the list goes on. About Benefits of having a website design. Even if we provide you with the list of businesses that need a website, we will have all industries covered. From FMCGs to restaurants, From Marine to Clothing, Beauty products to any and every thing in the world that is made for customers and you own a venture – You need a website. Once added to the business list, its your business website that can be tweaked and trimmed as per your will. Because why not, you are the owner.

Folks, it’s a small world now. Global village our teachers use to tell us about. Things are shrinking and are made available in an instant. Just like web development services have shrinked to offices working as website development company’s and offering us with tailor made solutions. It all looks like a dream. Dream we saw when Sci-Fi and tech was just a bubble. But now we live in one.

We hope we could get you known to some of the highlighted reasons on why to have a website for your business. With some more information on web designing, we will be back soon.

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