Persuasive Copywriting for Video Content

5 Essentials of Persuasive Copywriting for Video Content

Persuasive Copywriting for Video Content

5 Essentials of Persuasive Copywriting for Video Content

Persuasion comes with human nature. Since we’re born, we develop ways to convince our parents to help us to… well, survive.

Later we learn to communicate, we start using language and gradually learn to use certain words to get our needs fulfilled. It’s not very different today, you’ve always persuaded people around you. Now that you work in advertising, you can use your convincing skills to create messages for a living, in this particular case, to ultimately sell using high-quality, convincing video content.

1. Work with the Right Words – and Verbs!

Right Words – and Verbs!

Focus on Right Words – and Verbs!

First of all, if you’re a copywriter you must love writing. I mean, that’s the job, right? But my advice is that if you’re not a devoted reader, you start enjoying reading too. Having good reading habits truly makes a difference when trying to find the right words to say something accurately. It’ll work in your favor and, of course, be useful for your craft.

Work on learning new things, and you’ll have lots of words to choose from instead of a limited vocabulary that sounds like everything else on the internet. Besides the basics, you’ll need good keyword research for SEO purposes. But that’s a whole other topic to discuss later. Meanwhile, you can check out these best practices to rank your content.

Additionally, remember the art of persuasion involves a well-thought-out choice of words and verbs that call to action. You’re trying to influence people to buy your product without just saying “Here it is, buy it.”

There are some online tools that can help you measure if your copy is effective and convincing, but you can also create your own method by making a list of effective verbs and adjectives for your video marketing strategy. Adjectives are almost endless, and the real power in a sentence comes from verbs. If you want your argument to be solid, choose one of these active verbs.

2. Write Short Copy for Short Videos

 Short Videos

Write Short Copy for Short Videos

In case you didn’t know by now, let me tell you videos must be short. Unless you want people to leave your channel or click on Funniest Cat Compilation 2019 instead, there’s no other way to do it. Branded YouTube videos should be 3 to 5 minutes max, and the copy must be written accordingly so viewers can read well without having to take a second look or pause it.

According to Copywrite Matters, short copy is ideal for heavy-image marketing, such as a video strategy for YouTube. In this case, less is more.

If you’re new at copywriting, relax and enjoy the writing process. You’re not the first and certainly won’t be the last to give video content a try. Take it easy, there are tons of tutorials and how-tos that can help you become an expert if you’re willing to learn. The Internet is a good place to find great tools and there’s no need to hire a team, and you can save some bucks while you’re at it.

Still hesitant? Well, it’s 2019 and you can always hire a friend or someone on the other side of the world to design and create your content, but remember this could take you several rounds of drafts, feedback, and changes of what doesn’t feel right for your brand.

To give your YouTube channel a professional look, try using an online intro maker, it’ll save you a ton of work and you’ll just have to record and edit the rest of the content you need for each video of your channel.

Here’s a short video that explains how to refresh your YouTube intro.

3. Create Copy that is Harmonious with Images

Copy Harmonious with Images

Create Copy Harmonious with Images

When working on branded video content, graphics and text should be harmonious with each other. This means that the message gets through clearly with an eye-catching video.

Yes, a part of successful copywriting relies on inspiration, but that’s really a small fraction of the end result, the rest depends on the process and technical skills you’ll master with practice. At first, you’ll think everything through and will edit a ton, but it all comes to keeping sentences short and concise, and images meaningful and attractive. Similarly, professionals at Webby Giants are also emphasized on these factors when they are working on clients project.

Organize your ideas and get them into a logical structure; if it’s not clear enough for you, it won’t be for your viewers. Work with a script as filmmakers do and, if you feel like it, sketch a storyboard with dummy texts or a rough idea of your copy to see how they work together.

4. Tell a Story to Bring People Close to Your Brand

Story telling to close with your customers

Tell a Story to Bring People Close to Your Brand

Great video content often has two attributes: it’s simple and it’s effective. Focus on a good story that people can relate to and please, be conversational and try to talk to your audience like you would talk to your friends or your peers if it’s something a bit formal.

Try to stay away from messages that sound like you’re lecturing people. Persuasion is all about guiding them into deciding something, no one likes to feel obligated or commanded to do something when watching a video.

It’s a fine line between persuasion and commanding through branded video content, but you’ll get to it after a few versions.

Be aware that it’s normal to get writer’s block after a while but it’ll pass, just don’t get stuck for too long. Check out how this common belief that could be blocking you.

5. Focus on Quality and Clarity to Communicate Well

Focus on Clarity to Communicate Well

Focus on Quality and Clarity to Communicate Well

There are no foolproof rules on how to create good video content, and available tools can only get you so far. Trust your gut and common (and writer’s) sense to get your message across.

When writing, be sure to close the communication cycle, this means that you shouldn’t leave any questions unanswered when the video ends, or at least have very few that can be addressed later on.

Always remember to call to action and tell your viewers to visit your website, subscribe to your channel, or leave a review in the comments section.

Pay attention to details so that you release videos that have good quality and match technical, recent specs for social media.

How do you make sure your message is clear? Show it to other people and listen to their feedback. We tend to overlook mistakes or assume copy is fully understandable when working the same content over and over. It’s worth mentioning again that copy should be simple and specifically created for video content marketing.

Don’t copy-paste texts that were meant for flyers or other media!

The video content you’re creating is not for yourself. At all times consider what your audience is looking for and what’s trending. Fortunately, today you can get great insights from social media.

Remember that persuasion is not magic, but it’s a craft you can master almost to a magical level! Are you a master copywriter? Please share a tip or two!

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