Stunning Responsive Web Design Examples For 2020

10 Stunning Examples of Responsive Web Design For 2020

Stunning Examples of Responsive Web Design For 2020

Stunning Examples of Responsive Web Design

Certainly, responsive web design is an activity of enhancing user experiences by adapting the website page layout scheme via accessing the website. Web design trends are very important as it heavily relies on the amount of traffic on your site. Likewise, we have already stepped into an era where mobile web traffic has comfortably overtaken over traditional desktop traffic in multiple regions. Moreover, mobile traffic is responsible for measuring approximately 52% of all web traffic.

It is expected that by the last quarter of 2019 over 63% of all mobile phone users will easily access the Internet with their device. However, there hasn’t been an important situation to have a clear focus on the leading responsive web design trends has entirely approached from the user perspective of the end-user. You must look around at things in general perspective, several key-value web design trends are already proving to be the fore-frontier among developers around the world. For Instance, the professionals of Webby Giants are focusing on latest web design trends related to responsive web apps and websites to maintain brand identity in the marketplace. However, some facilities are continuations of existing trends and others will bring the latest features and functionalities into the mix criterion. Hence, in this article, we have discussed 10 remarkable examples of responsive web design that will shape their online presence in 2020.


1. GitHub

GitHub Web Design


GitHub provides hosting services for software development purposes. Microsoft acquired the company in the year 2018 with a mere of $7.5 billion. It offers users advanced services such as distributed version control and source code management (SCM) functioning of Git along with incorporating its own features.

It provides access control mechanisms and other relevant features consisting of tracking bugs, requests of features, task management and wikis for multiple projects. GitHub’s website offers a consistent experience across every personal device. Hence, there will be quantifiable differences:

  • Whilst transferring from desktop to tablet devices, the above area fold changes from a two-column layout to a single-column layout consisting of the copy just above the sign-up form instead of beside it.
  • In contrast to desktop and tablet devices, which seemingly focus on the sign-up form, GitHub consists of only the CTA button on your mobile device. Precisely, users might click the CTA button to make a surface of the form.
  • Like Dribble, GitHub has also removed the search bar and hide the menu bar behind a hamburger icon on smartphone devices. This is a common practice, as it assists you to reduce mess stuff on the smartphones, where space is restricted.

2. Shopify

Shopify Website Design

Shopify Website

The user experience of Shopify is dependable across all the devices around the globe. Similarly, the CTA button and illustrations have transited the way between desktop to mobile devices. For Instance, on personal computers and tablet PCs, the CTA button is on the right side of the form field. Albeit, on the mobile device it is beneath it.

Precisely, the illustrations are placed on the right of the copy corner on personal computers and tablets. whereas, they are placed beneath the copy of smartphones. Like many websites, the menu of Shopify is also replaced with a hamburger icon on smartphone devices.

3. Slack

Slack Website Design

Slack Website

The brand name “Slack” is simply known for simple and human. It isn’t surprising enough to know that their website is following similar strategies. Their flexible grid structure is easily adjustable with every size and shape. For Instance, whilst custom logos are presented in a three-column layout on desktop and laptop computers. Albeit, they are displayed on a single-column layout on smartphones.

Primarily, the Slack website is designed to be user-friendly. For Instance, the call-to-action buttons span the entire column on tablet PCs and mobile phones that will eventually help users to avoid clicking the “Sign Up” Hyperlink.

4. Treehouse

Treehouse Website Design

Treehouse Website

Treehouse offers a productive experience across all relevant platforms. It must be understood that their menu seems to be actively smaller around various devices. Albeit, desktop and laptop computers consist of a four-item menu, tablets feature a two-item menu bar and hamburger icon and smartphones offer a single item menu and icon bar.

Their form field experiences similar changes in the current situation. Indeed, they are depicted into multiple columns on both laptop and desktop computers and one column on tablet PCs and mobile devices.

5. Wired

Wired Website Design

Wired Website

Wired comprises of a dynamic and responsive layout featuring multidimensional columns and sidebar on desktop devices, which are transformed into a single column on smartphone devices. If you are making the transition from tablet to smartphones, the issue mostly faced is that their menu shrinks to implement only their logo design, a menu icon, along with a subscription link. With consistency, search functioning and the capability to sort out newsfeeds of Wired’s by section won’t be available on your mobile phone.

The only where wired shrines are primarily using flexible images and photos. As, crop feature on their feature images variations across multiple platforms. Primarily, laptop and desktop computers, images differ within squares and rectangles that provides plentiful users to explore with their own predictions. Albeit, on their handheld devices, are all featuring images are being cropped using 16:9 ratio.

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6. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine Website Design

Smashing Magazine Website

Smashing Magazine goes above and beyond that offers an alternative experience across various device metrics. Their website features a two-column layout, full menu bar, and combination mark on desktop computers that converts into a single-column layout and condensed menu with letter mark on tablets and smartphones.

  • The website also loads in 2 seconds on smartphone devices with the 3G Internet.
  • It is estimated that 70% of mobile connectivity at the end of 2020.

Certainly, smashing magazine is also a remarkable example of the complete design. The menu has shown to depict desktop user features consisting of labels and icons. Instead of using the menu icon, they have opted for a CTA button with a menu and search icon. Thus, digital incentives have no problems via navigating websites from smartphone devices, albeit other generations don’t necessarily know what hamburger icons are representing quite devastating.

7. Popular Science

Popular Science Website Design

Popular Science Website

Popular Science offers you a great user experience instead of any matter focuses on mobile devices you are using. Primarily, the content consists central stage, as you are expecting and with responsive imaging and clarified typography.

Hence, Popular Science has successfully devised a responsive website that consequently holds easy for reading and usage purposes. The information and details on this website are represented in such a way that all its content can be easily measured down across a wide range of devices.

8. Dropbox

Dropbox Website Design

Dropbox Website

Dropbox is a consistent success that has contributed excellent services by tailoring down its website to meet the requirements of small-scale devices. Primarily, the desktop version features a sleek aesthetic design comprising of a grid and images of colors that seem complementary to each other.

Basically, the first image rotates on the mobile version to fit the appropriate space. As, some of the grid colors may also be changed for the mobile version, prompting a change of font color so that the page remains at readable state. Furthermore, the solution to the lack of space on the mobile variant is that despite having a signup form pop-up on the right corner of the screen, it is merely hidden before the entitlement of CTA.

9. Flow Festival

Flow Festival Website Design

Flow Festival Website

Flow Festival is an urban music and arts festival held in Helsinki, Finland. Primarily, the website that combines a minimalist design with a major focus on large textual sizes against a white background and large-sized photos to advertise them exactly what matters the most to the users and artists.

Technically, the sections of the website are clustered using a visually pleasing dynamic moving text, that draws back the conceptualization of kitsch marquee design of the 90s. Consequently, on the small-screen version, this has created a notch to attain user-engagement trends on screens.

10. Swiss Air

Swiss Air Website Design

Swiss Air Website

Consequently, swiss air maintains its valuable CTA on all digital platforms. This service assists users to get hands-on experience on the best flights and actively deals regardless of the device.

Primarily, the mobile and tablet version of the website can easily resize priorities of the website appropriately to the resolution and size dimensions of the screen without having a loss of any essential content that is quite usable, easy to navigate and practical to ensure user experience. Hence, by modifying the grid on the main website and tablet PCs version to multidimensional rows on the mobile screens is quite an affordable choice to dealt with target consumers.

Wrap Up

In a nutshell, responsive web design is useful approach to attract your target consumers. There exists plenty of ways to display content in the form of UI/UX design, these kinds of trends are followed professionals in web design companies. As the specific intention of such firms is to deliver the content in a manageable way that doesn’t discriminate people depending on the device it is being displayed on the screen. Hence, it is evident that responsive web design has revolutionized the dimensions of multiple industries.

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