Did you ever thought mostly why people tend to prefer animated websites? The reason is visual elements are rapidly changing over certain time period. Animation on the website are used to visualize a specific story using the techniques of visual arts such as allegory or movement visualization, like opening a new page, pressing a button and mouse click. To achieve the responsiveness, in order to make an appealing design for your website, you’ll need to integrate tremendous animation using variety of design tools and libraries such as google web designer, tumult hype 3.5, CSS3Gen and others. Modern web design companies are using CSS animations as a key thing to increase the user engagement in a web page. Here, in this article we have discussed 10 inspirational websites examples for producing exceptional CSS Animation.

1- JavaScript Mickey Mouse

This example is a beautiful combination of CSS Transitions, SVG graphics and JavaScript to visualize the positioning of hands on the face of lovely mickey mouse. This example is placed in top ratings on CodePen, a social network community of front-end developers and designers, it’s a place for testing and demonstrating user-created HTML, CSS and JavaScript code snippets. It features as an online source-editor and learning environment, where developers write code snippets, referred as “Pens”.

2- Species in Pieces

Did you ever wished to see real species on a website? If yes, then species in pieces is a right place to visit on the web. It’s a special animated website based on CSS. Which uses a triangular shaped piece to display top 30 interesting species, but particular focus on endangered species.

Each triangular piece is altered into variety of colors, along with each animated transition producing different species. Mostly professional web design services use JavaScript, CSS Animation and SVG Shapes to convert into transition moments to design and develop a website that indorses conversion of species. Each Animal depicts a statistical chart that automatically envisions their evolutionary history and the species that have been decayed over years. Thus, species in pieces aims to teach, inspire and encourage to provoke complicated and confusing task.

3- 96 Elephants

Viget labs, a US-based company has created an awareness-based website to provide assistance for the Africa’s Wildlife Conservation Society’s mission to protect elephants. The most recent campaign is 96 elephants, that’s elaborates consensus of many elephants are killed each day in Africa.

The enlightening story is described through a sequence of selective single page numbers, each step defines the identical real complications while playing in the ongoing efforts to complete the illegal act of killing of tusks.

4- Life in my shoes

Life in my shoes is an influential multi-platform campaign based on young people those who are affected or victimized with the fear and misinterpreting of suffering from AIDS. Traffic, a London based digital & social media agency was instructed to develop a website, that would appeal the target audience of youngsters.

The “about us” page of the website features a living parallax effect that is designed especially for tablets and smartphones. One of the officials of the Traffic team told that they wrote a media query for these devices that frequently changes the background attachment from fixed to scroll and to set the specific background position of the image to be placed at the right position.

5- Marie Morelle

It’s a portfolio based illustrated website, which is the amalgamation of French-styled animations and the HTML5 animated web design making the site more appealing and attractive. The site also features a navigation bar placed at the right, which switches the pages via mouse scrolling, along with page interactions, making a unique & stunning website design.

6- KIKK Festival

KIKK is an interactive cultural education website. It is designed with a cursor effect that acts as bridge to help you find useful information. By moving the cursor, the background color is made visible from behind the blue mask. The cute illustrations, cursor effects, and micro interactions to create a delightful animated effect.

7- One Design Company

Animations made for attractive graphical web design, sometimes can also delay processing due to longer waiting and loading times. By adding an artistic animation of loading to the progress bar throughout the waiting process can help users to divert their attention from the period of waiting. However, Simple loading animations are much better than complex animations. The website of one design company uses UX Writing, which promotes the micro-interaction animated display in a descriptive form, which is also considered as common animated web design. More Precisely, UX Writing is a necessary element to develop a well-furnished product.

8- Saizen Media Studios

Saizen Media Studios is a boutique digital agency based in Los Angeles and Milan, Italy. This animated website provides a remarkable digital artwork and animated flash powered themes, providing visitors an insight of experiencing marvelous scenarios!

9- Discover your Patronus

The categorization of advanced magic is claimed as Patronus. It was initially featured in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. You can find more information about Patronus here. However, the 3D animated website, namely Discover your Patronus provides an interactive design and user experience of a website to grab user’s attention in order to provide a delightful information.

10- Ubusina

Ubusina is a free responsive business template powered with HTML5, CSS3 & Bootstrap 3. This business template provides a user-friendly, fully responsive and perfect for underlining your important products and services. Mostly web development services prefer to use this application which allows to choose either a single page layout or multiple page layout. Although, a full screen slider is the best way to demonstrate your work portfolio.

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